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Kiwanis Club are hoping for a strong showing of motorcyclist

Starting a new tradition behind such a successful one is not easy but volunteers with the Jacksonville Kiwanis Club are staying optimistic.

After postponing the original plans in May, the club will have their First Annual Motorcycle Ride this Saturday. The ride will begin and end at New River Harley Davidson as rides are scheduled to take off at 10 a.m.

Since their annual chicken fry event is also up in the air due to COVID-19, the motorcycle ride may dictate how much money the club will be able to raise for kids in Onslow.

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Roosevelt Drive Church of Christ Minister Jim Bender is helping organize the event and said the club is trying to get as many riders as possible. He’s also hoping the event gains traction for years to come.

“Normally it (chicken fry) brings in anywhere from $8,000 to $9,000 and if we are not able to put that one this year, it will severally limit our resources for being able to donate in 2021. This year would be the 51st time we held the event.”

The club’s slogan is about improving the world one child and one community at a time by giving back to many organizations in Onslow such as the Boys and Girls Club, the Onslow Women’s Shelter, and donating money for park renovations.

Through their plans, the club is expecting around 200 bikers to attend the ride and along with a raffle, all of the proceeds will go back into helping children.

Cyclists can enter the ride for $25 with an extra $5 for a passenger and will receive a free commemorative patch for participating. Any vendors who would like to attend can also do so by paying the $25 booth fee.

During the event, the club will be raffling off 52 $100 gift cards that are acceptable at all Walmarts and Sam’s Clubs. According to Bender, there will only be one winner for the drawing in hopes they will be used as a way to pay it forward.

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“There aren’t any names on the cards so the person that wins it can use the money to help those in need, give some to family members or use it for themselves. It is truly all about the kids,” said Bender.

Any motorcyclists may contact Kaitlyn Sloan at New River Harley at 910-346-9997 or Jim Bender at 910-789-9120 to register for the ride or sign up for a vendor/booth spot.

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