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The president of the Rock Machine MC has been ordered to reveal to police where he has hidden his black Mercedes-Benz sedan

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The president of the Rock Machine MC has been ordered to reveal to police where he has hidden his black Mercedes-Benz sedan – an asset they say was funded by the proceeds of crime.

Alexander Michael Ilich, who was busted with 1kg of methamphetamine worth $500,000 and a Glock pistol, is being pursued by police under confiscation of assets legislation.

Detectives have obtained a restraining order over his cash and two Mercedes-Benz vehicles – one of which has been found since the order was granted – after Ilich was caught discussing the matter with his girlfriend in an intercepted prison telephone call.

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Ilich, 42, was arrested by police last August and charged with drug trafficking, firearms and money laundering offences.

He has pleaded guilty to the drug and firearms charges and will front the District Court next month for sentencing.

The charges followed a search of his Athol Park apartment during which detectives found digital scales, a vacuum sealer, steroids and a telescopic ladder.

When detectives found ladder marks on a wall in a common area next to his apartment, a ceiling area search netted 1kg of methamphetamine, a Glock pistol and $21,400 in cash.

Another search in the same area found a bottle of fantasy and a large quantity of ammunition that included 9mm rounds for the Glock, .233 rifle rounds and five boxes of 12-gauge shotgun shells.

In September last year, police launched confiscation of assets proceedings against Ilich and obtained a restraining order over the two Mercedes-Benz vehicles, the cash hidden with the drugs and a further $18,000 in his bank accounts.

Court documents reveal police had searched numerous locations trying to find the vehicles and Ilich’s girlfriend Tara Chan “is unwilling to help police.’’

The documents also reveal that on September 13, Ilich spoke to Ms Chan via telephone from the Adelaide Remand Centre and the pair discussed the vehicles. “Have you picked up the Mercedes yet?’’ Ilich asked Chan, who responded with a “yeah’’.

“Is it in the garage?’’ Ilich then asked. “Yeah,’’ Chan replied.

“Thank God, good,’’ Ilich said.

In the call, Chan says “how difficult’’ it was for her to find the car and she had to get “Sam” to drive one back.

In the Adelaide Magistrates Court in January, police first sought the order compelling Ilich to provide a sworn statement concerning his dealings with the two vehicles that included their locations and that of a garage mentioned in a phone call.

Police found one of the luxury vehicles.


  1. He should tell them he was talking about his mothers car and to go fuck off..he never said my,,,,,these fucks do alot of unproven speculation and fill in what ever blanks they want with no proof.. commie bastards


  2. Hey I feel for the guy ,once the feds get there claws in you they are not going anywhere til they take every inch, right down to the pants on your butt


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