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A band of Hells Angels bikies were ejected from a beachfront bar after a police raid last week.


A band of Hells Angels bikies were ejected from a beachfront bar after a police raid last week.

At least half a dozen members of the Hells Angels MC tested the patience of gang crime officers, laughing, chatting and hugging among themselves as they were surrounded on the footpath.

Removing them from The Lookout swung into action about 8pm last Wednesday.

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A band of flannelette and leather-clad Hells Angels bikies were ejected from a beachfront nightspot after a police raid.

The operation to remove the bikies from The Lookout swung into action about 8pm last Wednesday and involved several officers and unmarked police cars parked across from the club’s motorcycles.

Scarborough police Sergeant Craig Wanstall said footage from a police body camera inside the nightclub showed an officer saying to the group “you have been asked to leave”.

He said the gang crime officers had ejected the Hells Angels under section 115 of the Liquor Licensing Act after becoming quarrelsome and disorderly.

Sgt Wanstall understood the bikies were not wearing their club colours but had them resting on their lap. He said members of “outlaw motorcycle gangs” were not permitted to wear their patches as a condition of entry to licensed premises.

“One does have his (patched) jacket in hand when talking to police outside the venue,” Sgt Wanstall said.

“No arrests were made and they eventually left.”

Asked if he had a message for outlaw motorcycle gangs that were planning on visiting beachfront licensed premises, Sgt Wanstall said: “Members of OMCG are not permitted to wear their colours and if they do (or if they become disorderly), they will be evicted.

“So don’t go down there.”


  1. All these blm riots and lootimg and no cops to be found. Few bikers having fun not breaking any laws and they are raided. Just wrong.


  2. Since Portland Mayor refuses to ask Our President to send the National guard, then I think the Motor Cycle Gangs should decide to help out and go in and show these rioters who owns this country. As I see it these rioters are terrorists. Are home grown. Someone needs to bring this lawlessness back to order. These gang members will leave you alone if you show them respect.


  3. well I think if mongol,s get there patches taking,all bikers should have there colors taking,and the hells Angeles are not heros there killers.every one needs to step back and really see,the hells Angeles are the worst.they kill inasect people.i should no I was on there meun,they SENT MANNY people after me,I even ended up in middle of the desert at a truck stop were to hells Angel’s were sitting down behind me and too more walked in,and said is this him.i immediately stood up and walked out ran across the circle k and in and in the Ialls they were people putting on gloves in too iaill or more,be for that dino walked in ,he,s the reper of the hells angels,there very organized how they Murreder poeple.


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