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Biker bar is expecting a good turnout for this year’s fall bike rally despite Coronavirus restrictions

by: Lauren Crawford

MURRELLS INLET, SC (WBTW) – A Murrells Inlet biker bar is expecting a good turnout for this year’s fall bike rally.

The first weekend typically serves as an indicator for how the rest of the week will be.

On Sunday, motorcycles rolled into Suck Bang Blow, where business over the weekend, did well for the bar whose participation in the fall tradition reported to be at stake a few days ago.

“We had some good signs this weekend, and we can usually monitor the first weekend and tell how it’s going to be,” Bill Barber, the Murrells Inlet biker bar event coordinator, said.

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Suck, Bang, Blow, was granted an event permit for the annual fall tradition, after what the bar employees said was a miscommunication.

South Carolina’s Department of Revenue (DOR) was looking to revoke the Murrells Inlet biker bar’s alcohol license after seeing a staggering summer bike rally crowd in pictures circulating social media that violating COVID-19 restrictions.

“It was all with the July rally, the last day we were overwhelmed,” Barber said.

Ultimately, it was up to the South Carolina State Department of Commerce (DOC), who most recently approved the biker bar’s ability to host this week’s fall rally. The miscommunication came as the DOC previously denied the permit.

“We are prepared now for this one, so that won’t happen again,” Barber said.

The miscommunication or what may have been a warning from state officials has the biker bar increasing crowd management and safety restrictions during the public health crisis.

Hosting the fall bike rally, Bill Barber said, is not only important to the biker community, but restaurants, hotels, and retail.

“It’s important to our community financially and mentally and socially. People have been locked up all year, and it’s good to get out and be a human being again,” Barber said.

The biker bar was permitted to host more than 250 people on their nearly three-acre property. They agreed to enforce proper COVID-19 social distancing guidelines, hire more security, and keep track of bar capacity.

“We are looking forward to a good safe rally,” Barber said.

The rally started on Friday and will go through the first week of October. Barber said the biker bar expects a good turnout, beginning Wednesday.

He mentioned a few neighboring biker bars, like Spokes and Bones, decided not to participate this year.



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