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The company that maintains the Hells Angels’ beloved Ponde stronghold offered prosecutors $10,000 to drop their unprecedented bid to seize the property


The company that maintains the Hells Angels’ beloved Ponde stronghold offered prosecutors $10,000 to drop their unprecedented bid to seize the property, a court has heard.

On Monday, the Supreme Court heard the motorcycle club should not have its legal costs reimbursed, even though the audacious application to declare Ponde an “instrument of crime” has been abandoned.

Todd Golding, for the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, said each side should walk away bearing no more than its own costs.

He said that position was supported not only by legislation, but also by Disorganised Developments itself – based on a letter the company sent to the DPP when the case began.

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“In January, Disorganised Developments made an offer by way of deed – $10,000, with each party to bear its own costs, and a discontinuance of the case,” he said.

“That offer was not accepted … this is a case that’s about instrument of crime, simply offering an amount of money does not get to the heart of the question.

“This was about whether there was a public interest in the company being deprived of that instrument, and no amount of money was going to satisfy that – no offer was appropriate.”

In December, prosecutors filed a forfeiture injunction against the 15ha property which has, for more than 40 years, been the gang’s untouchable “home away from home”.

They asserted Ponde was “an instrument of crime” because the getaway car used in the murder of Mark Boyce had been buried there, leaving it liable for seizure.

Their case ran into trouble, however, when one judge had to disqualify himself and the gang’s lawyers argued the bid was an abuse of the legal process.

Last week, state government lawyers told the court the case would not proceed but did not give any reason as to why.

In a statement, Director of Public Prosecutions Martin Hinton QC – who launched the bid – said he had “reassessed the prospects of success and the associated cost”.

On Monday, Jonathan Wells QC, for Disorganised Developments, said his client deserved “compensation” for “all it had been through and suffered”.

He said the company’s directors “did not know” the car had been buried, and “fundamentally contested” the allegation it was used in the murder.

“This property is not a ‘stronghold’ at all, it’s a barely-fenced, remote, rural property,” he said.

“The fencing on either side of the padlocked gate is laying flat on its face.

“The idea that this is a ‘stronghold’ is pretty much laughable … this is the very reverse of a stronghold.”

Justice Malcolm Blue has reserved his decision.



  1. Nothing realy unusual is going on except the “ex” bandido moving to the mongols, that kind soun a little fishy, trough the years I have seen a trend of many “type” of bikers trying to blend their club, I’m starting to see blue eye dudes into the Latino clubs, as the brown skins into the white clubs Like (81) , the rules of some of this club are violated by the fresh young bikes, making this a tremendous conflict in the internal harmony, on my 60 years of participating riding and hang around, I had never seen on the vest of a hamc, a Mexican flag, now I have, now even there is a Mexican hamc, non white members. Some body should come forward and explain what the he’ll is going on, not only is hepening here in the USA but in many Latin America Country’s , I have hang around with Northern European clubs, you don’t see this is happening over there, specially in Germany , Sweeden, Austria this is not happening , kind concerns me clubs like HA , in all this clubs , if seniors Don do something about it, many club will fracture follow wit internal conflicts.




  3. Yes indeed fk all that shit unfucking believable, the USA is slob of a place even Wright here in San jose California nothing ,has been done unpunished. Its suppose to b love forgiveness world piece. L&r CrazyBiaach. Wink. U would think they should have it together by now , great ideas no proceeding forward there Deaths For nothing but Dirty Lawenforcement infiltrating find Waldo round here. I believe the Mongols r feds pretending to b a rivalry club killing 81 club member infiltrated in by probably more than we want to k own from r own beloved gone bad and or was every min of everyday till they weren’t.


  4. I’m 59 years old I grew up with my dad riding a Harley Davidson I feel that clubs are not considered gangs as the government says they’re no more than a group of guys that hang out have fun live their lives the 1% way I truly believe there’s great people and everything every branch of anything that you do law enforcement, government, biker clubs,etc no matter what it is there’s good and bad and everything so why go after bikers I just thought I’d leave my comment and I’m all for you guys and I hope you get what you want and what you deserve thank you for letting me speak. And I’m not afraid to leave my name which is Bill Vanover. And as the AC/DC song says “Ride on”peace to you all Brothers 🤜🤛💯


  5. the days of the real biker trust brother look after brother keep ya mouth shut are gone now you have transformers patch jumpers narks whimps idiots poofs fags and every low life cunt who wants a patch the Angeles down full patching over weak no ball so called clubs it’s goin to be and is starting to c it the down full of the club the real biker has gone m8 thers no trust anymore your running with the darkies


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