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The age of motorcycle clubs is coming to an end. Most bikers don’t support them any longer.

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

The age of individualism is upon us. Gone are the days bikers felt they needed to belong to an MC are over. The current state of the motorcycle scene, many bikers are content on being independent. Motorcycle Clubs were popular all the way up to a few years ago. What has changed?

It’s fascinating on how the scene has changed, especially it’s outlook on motorcycle clubs. Many people have access to the Internet now, more than ever before. I believe that press the clubs are receiving, combined with protocol, clubs have turned a good percentage of bikers off. Actually, so many people are now supporting Law Enforcement MC’s in great numbers, more so than anyone can remember. 

What is this saying about how motorcycle clubs are conducting themselves? To put it plainly, they are their own worst enemy. I see it daily because I cover the news, but to someone who only casually checks in on the news, they are disgusted at what they see. I always see the back and forth in the discussion threads Insane Throttle has concerning the competing views. Those competing views are becoming more lopsided against motorcycle clubs each and every day. 

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Are the clubs listening to what’s going on in the scene? Nope! This is because they are closed off from the rest of the scene. They go by what they believe in and everyone else doesn’t matter. This thinking is going to be the downfall of many clubs. Once you lose the support of people you need, you’re most likely not going to succeed in causes that are important to you. 


I get this one all the time, so why not address it from those who want to know my viewpoints. Many people are tired of the protocol, this is why many are just forming riding clubs. People no longer want to be involved with the politics of the motorcycle club scene. All people want to do is ride and not have to choose a side. 

“For the life of me I don’t understand why another MC would want to get involved with trying to mess with a riding club.” (Insane Throttle Subscriber.)  

My personal opinion on the matter is simple, riding clubs fit most people’s personality. The type of rider has changed, evolved if you will. Most people have too much to risk and too many responsibilities to become involved in all the politics of the MC world. When a motorcycle club tries to push up against riding clubs all they do is run to the other side. The other side, meaning the LEMC clubs. Worst yet, the motorcycle clubs lose an ally in their fight against motorcycle club profiling. 

Why I refuse to cover motorcycle club protocol

When Insane Throttle first started out, I would lean heavily on the side of motorcycle clubs. I would also talk about motorcycle club protocol. As everyone knows this isn’t the case any longer. For one, I left the motorcycle club scene behind. Secondly, the MC scene isn’t for me any more. Sure, I’ll cover the biker news, but that’s the extent I will have anything to do with motorcycle clubs. 

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As I got older and a little more wiser, I saw the direction the club scene was going and didn’t like it. Simple protocols that were established decades ago were being changed left and right. Protocol now depends on who’s in charge and how they want to see things done. This ever changing philosophy has turned many people off. 

With this is mind, why would I want to cover it? If it’s ever changing then why even try to keep up with it?

When it comes to protocol and riding clubs. Motorcycle Clubs shouldn’t be messing with them. For one, riding clubs are the closest you will get to the traditional scene. Most motorcycle clubs were formed out of racing teams. Well, riding clubs pre-date even racing teams. Riding clubs were initially formed by the manufactures in order to get ridership. A question to consider then, what right does a motorcycle club have, to try and dictate to a riding club? Do motorcycle clubs dictate to Harley Owners Group? How about the Indians Rider Group? I don’t believe so unless something has changed, which I wouldn’t doubt in these times. 

Hollywood, I have a question- Does MC Protocol dictate to the American Motorcycle Association? (Insane Throttle Subscriber.)

Again, the answer is unknown. Protocol has changed so damn much, I don’t even think the clubs know anymore. The protocol I knew, motorcycle clubs never had anything to do with the AMA chartered clubs. AMA chartered clubs were something entirely different, not to mention the fact most MC’s want nothing to do with the AMA. 

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I can see a motorcycle club getting involved with an AMA club if they were wearing rockers. But if the AMA club is following tradition and only using the 1 pc patch there shouldn’t be a problem. After all, it was the MC’s who changed their use of the 1 pc patch to the 3 pc patch.Why? Because it was to set their club apart from AMA. My personal opinion is clubs just set themselves up when they mess with an AMA club. Most involved in the AMA clubs will just call the cops, something most MC’s should already know, so why risk their membership?

Why are you always recommending Riding Clubs?

Simple, most people do not have the time and commitment to join a motorcycle club, so why turn them on to one? Why should I steer someone in that direction if I know most people can’t handle the responsibility? I’m actually a big supporter of the AMA. I like their benefits and I like they are involved in biker rights and promote riding activities. I’ll be the first one to say I would recommend an AMA Chartered club over any of the others. This is something I’ve said time and time again. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that I recommend those clubs.

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I always believe in taking a step back and looking at things from all viewpoints. The viewpoint I’m seeing now is people are fed up with motorcycle clubs and are trying to find an alternative. How does that affect the scene? I don’t know! One thing is for sure, people are not behind clubs as much as they used to be. 

What would you say the ratio is when it comes to those who choose Riding Clubs over Motorcycle Clubs?

To be honest, it would have to be a 70-30 ratio. Again, people no longer feel the need to be a part of a Motorcycle Club. Most people want to live the lifestyle in the traditional way. Like I mentioned before, the traditional way had to do with riding clubs and partying on the weekends. During the week, people work and spend time with family. If something comes up on the weekend it’s no harm no foul.

I personally like the traditional lifestyle. I like to be able to be able to do my own thing. I’ve done the looking over my shoulder crap and all the tension that comes with clubs. I’ve never been happier than I’m now. I wouldn’t change it for anything!


  1. And 1% or’s don’t give a shit what the “” bikers think. Go practice your little bro wave and leave shit that you know nothing about alone


  2. It’s a brotherhood, if you dont have a family, then that’s the way to go, they will support and help you better ways than some family members would, 1% will never die


  3. Nothing screams boomer more than MC. Geriatric boomers riding between depends changing stops screams freedom. Also, nothing screams outlaws more than following rules and protocols. lol


  4. Good. Legitimate movements should not be displayed in the limelight as the powers that be continue to target ways to divide and conquer. Let all the weekend warriors go back to their fake yuppie bullshit and continue their enslavement process into what is someone else’s idea for society instead if their own. You get exactly what you deserve.


  5. Pffttt.. U sound like a Lil beeyatch… This life isn’t for everyone. That’s why we are 1%ers and your just a regular pusscake..


  6. I started two wheeling at around 5 or 6 years old and done the motor cross thing. When I was 15 my uncle found me a road bike (basket case] two of my uncles and two of there cousin’s helped find missing parts and together we put my first Harley on the road. All four of these men had served in Korea, they all had tats and some belonged to a 1% club. One of my uncles told me something that stuck with me to this day (dont ever get a tat that you don’t think you can live with the rest of your life) and (don’t join a 1% club, because they own you) now I’m almost 72 and I still ride (road glide) I have no tats (I have scars and they tell stories ) and never joined a club I didn’t than and I don’t now like anyone telling me what to do!


  7. Some of this information is not correct as to club formation in the past as well as AMA association , as per what this topic is about is 1% clubs and it seems you have been way out of touch for to long ,mc member are going up. You need to do more indepth searching and stop guessing.


  8. The author of this article clearly has no f*ckin idea what they’re talking about. 1%ers couldn’t give two shits what anyone thinks and they have more support than anyone realizes


  9. Bike gangs are becoming obsolete as their initiation and rules are barbaric!!! Bike clubs about helping their communities with each member living their own lives are more relevant today. The old bike clubs/gangs try to own you, your bike and your mate!!! Such male chauvinist and womanizing b.s. We as a society have evolved since biker gang days.


  10. That article really is insane that’s just like saying the mafia and organized crime is gone. The big four biker clubs have been around for a long time and in my opinion they ain’t going nowhere I don’t know but that can sound insane.


  11. I’m not sure what to think, because I’m not sure what I read. This article was definitely rushed. Rushed to write, because it doesn’t appear any research was done. Rushed because there isn’t any stats to link to. Rushed because there are way too many grammar mistakes. Rushed to post, because??? Well, I don’t know why it would be rushed to post because I don’t see a lot of other magazines talking about this.

    The true 1%ers are not registering their numbers in some national registry. That lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but everyone that rides enjoys it, but doesn’t necessarily need or want to join a 1%er MC and live that lifestyle.

    Again, I’m confused as to what this article was supposed to be talking about. Was it ever referring to the 1٪ers, or just some posers?


  12. Very true, clubs are stronger than ever, and there are all kinds of bike clubs now, white, black,Hispanic,asian, women’s, intermixed ones, and so on and so on. The idea of a brotherhood will never die. Only when the human is no more, then it will end.


  13. That a lie don’t know who told u that sh🎈t lol but the are stronger than ever but once again fake news from fake media.


  14. Most have any clue few know the real truth so let them be the ones who DECIDE I support an know MANY OTHERS AS WELL SO REALLY THATS UP TO THE CLUB


  15. Lol funny how some 1%ERS on here try to defend the life. I did my time. Have club tat on one arm and 1% tat on the other. But I saw where the shit was going. It ain’t about brotherhood any longer. Just a bunch of thugs on bikes trying to prove who’s dick is bigger. Even in the club you get these high school like clicks and if you ain’t part of it you’re treated differently. And those on here say that clubs are just as strong? Yeah? Really? Then explain why the Iron Order MC is the fastest growing and probably by now, the largest club our there? Outlaw MCs are a joke now. I left it and have no plans to return. In other words I grew up and left that childish crap behind.


  16. Reading the comments from supposedly ‘former club members” about “wasted years of their lives” and another saying the Iron Order is now “probably the largest club out there” is some prosperous bullshit, I’ll go as far to say it’s probably all “lies”.

    One, the IO is small rat infested club, anyone who thinks different doesn’t know shit. I’d love to see some of these keyboard warriors come out and call their dominate ‘A Joke” like they do on here but of course, it won’t happen.

    Protocol is not up for debate, it hasn’t changed, you changed. I’ve read your stories about protocol and I’m not sure who hurt your feelings but you got it twisted.


  17. Mc 1% are kid killing with thier dope and selling young girls ..(that means skinner) wake the fuck up you dope wheeling , pimps are so fuckin greedy and most lack the credibility to maintain a job….. so they do dirt shit, not respected activity and pass the money upwards…and chances are you may be murdered by your so called brothers…im glad your having fun..and i know ya,ll think your cool and like giving black eyes…but you fuckin punks or the respected so called brothers in your club have given the whole motorcycle scene a black eye..thanks alot you fuckin hero,s and if your not the one doing it and your brothers are that means you and your club condone it.. get the picgure now ????


  18. I have been riding my Harley since I bought it cash at the age of 23 in Germany. Seen a lot of road and met a lot of people. Even been invited into MC clubhouses.
    I have no problem with clubs and they know I am an independant rider. I get no sweat from any of the clubs where I am at. I remain respectful and out of their politics. Many are really good friends I have fun with on the road. I ride trail.
    I live alone and as a guy I don’t cook much. The MC’s have dinner normally one night out of the week and the price is always right for a home cooked meal. So in a week I might eat at 2 different clubhouses.
    Plus beer is cheaper then at a bar and I am broke. So it all works out.
    Mainly I am a Biker who likes to ride and will ride with anyone who wants to ride. MC’s, RC’s, AMA I don’t care as long as they want to get out of the city and hit some mountain roads.


  19. MCs are not going away any time soon. The biker bond is much deeper than the motorcycle in many ways, the bike is the conduit, the brotherhood is the lifes blood of the club.
    We form clubs to relate to one another. Those returning from wars are the purest of relationships. The association with fellow Vets is a deep rooted experience many motorcyclists don’t/can’t relate to.
    Getting into the weeds as to why they(MCs), will never go away is an exercise in futility. Only to say the boom in popularity, brought on by the yuppie biker culture and movies like Wild Hogs or Soap Operas like SOA simply infected the younger “Me Too” generation.
    I for one, a Vietnam Vet, speak from having belonged to both RC’s and MC’s. The bond amongst those in the MC is by far, much stronger. In my experience, over 50 years of riding, 20 of that being a 3 patch member, have only “One” truly concerning observation. Why MC’s, especially those built around Vets don’t get along? We’ll have to leave that for another discussion…


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