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Motorcycle Clubs are giving a black eye to the rest of bikers

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

Editorial Writer

Motorcycle Clubs are giving a black eye to the rest of bikers. This was used in an email that I received a few days ago. The email was from a member of a riding club, which I will not disclose. I guess him and another member were at a bar and were surrounded by a support club of the local dominant. The email went on to explain that the members of the club told them to remove their vests because they didn’t follow protocol. The conversation went on and I guess a few members of the dominant showed up and cops were called.

Ends up the dominants left without further incident. “This is a free country and no one should have to go through what we did. We were not bugging anyone and it was only a single patch.”

I don’t know why they would mess with you

Honestly, there are three sides of a story. Without knowing all sides I would not know why they would be messing with you. I surely don’t believe that cops should’ve been called, that is something I’m not fond of. Other avenues could’ve been pursued, like asking for a sit down with their boss to work things out. 

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Barring not having all sides of the story, motorcycle clubs usually don’t mess with a legit riding club. Most motorcycle clubs have no interest in a legit riding club because they are two separate entities and worlds. Yes, I’m not ignorant, there are many people who’ve claimed this has happened. If there was an incident where a bonafide riding club was messed with it would be a shame. 

If a motorcycle club is trying to dominate riding clubs just to do it then it turns people off. 

There are a lot of naysayers out there that disagree with me when I say, “motorcycle clubs do not have the support they once did.” To them I say, “you must not have your ear to the ground or not read a lot, because I see it all the time.” 

It’s simple, people don’t like to be dictated to when they have nothing to do with the motorcycle club scene. People who are in legit riding clubs don’t want anything to do with politics, they just want to ride and party with their friends. Riding clubs are actually the first organizations that spun up, people need to learn their history. 

 “This is a free country and no one should have to go through what we did. We were not bugging anyone and it was only a single patch.” 

Now if this situation happened like this email said, what did it accomplish? The damn cops were called and someone could’ve gone to jail. Why? Was it that important to bug people with a riding club over the interpretation of protocol? Protocol isn’t supposed to apply to riding clubs, especially if they are not riding around acting like clubs. 

Again, there are three sides of a story, but if true, this turns people off further and lands them in the laps of LEO. 

People ask why more bikers support the police

Again, if true, incidents like this is what drives independents and RC members toward the cop clubs. I’ve said it time and time again. I never thought I’d see the day when bikers would support LEO and LEO Causes. This new generation of biker doesn’t think like many have in the past.

My questions to clubs is simple. “Is it really that serious, where you put a member’s freedom on the line because of a riding club?” If this incident escalated and someone took their patches, then we’re looking at robbery and battery. Not to mention a gang enforcement charge. That one incident that didn’t need to happen, just cost members ten years in the joint. Not the smartest move if you ask me, but what do I care if someone does something stupid. 

Motorcycle Clubs are giving a black eye to the rest of bikers

The Alliance of Law Abiding Bikers and the (Biker Revolution.) These organizations are very real and so is the movement. People are flocking to them by the thousands. All one has to do is look at the Law Abiding Biker Channel and you will see well over 100k on it. The message is resonating to the rest of the biker community. “You don’t have to bow down to these other motorcycle clubs any longer.”

Again, this would’ve never happened in the past, but it’s happening big time right now! You have to ask yourself,”is it worth it?” Is it worth driving people away from supporting clubs? Motorcycle clubs need support with motorcycle club profiling, this is where people that are driven away are needed. Instead, they are driven right into the arms of LEO clubs and causes.

What is the biker revolution?

Like I said before, it’s a movement that has really taken off within the biker community. Ryan Urlacer, a cop, seized on the anger of those pissed at clubs for doing the stuff they do. I know, clubs don’t care what others think right? If that is the case, maybe they should just leave people the hell alone then. This is what many people’s answer to that statement will be. 

Everyday I see it, except from the die hard cheerleaders of course, people are looking at clubs in a negative way. Maybe it’s the internet and it amplifies the complaints, who knows, but it is real. 

The Law Abiding Biker Association actually gives out advice to people about dealing with motorcycle clubs. How screwed up is that? 

The New Age of Biking and Brotherhood

I wrote this book because of the changes taking place in the scene. I think I’m right on the spot with a lot of my observations. It’s totally a different type of biker and atmosphere now. Things clubs done in the past will not be tolerated today.

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The ones in that establishment had no worries about calling the cops, none at all. This is what everyone is dealing with. Who the hell needs those kinds of headaches? If they are legit riding clubs then who cares, this has always been the way I looked at it. This is one of the reasons I support riding clubs so much, they are supposed to ride and party in peace. But I guess things really have changed a lot since I’ve been in and not for the better.


  1. “It was only a single patch” ….okay, but what colors was the patch done in? and what was the logo in the patch? It’s not the MC’s that are the problem – they understand – it’s the pop-up club and wannabe’s who put a patch on and suddenly think they’re Marlon Brando and act like an ass. If they asked when they were putting together their group if their color scheme or logo was in use by another club anywhere they’d find out they’d be guided in the process to ensure what they put on their back wasn’t going to cause them any problems down the road, and wouldn’t be faced with problems. There’s 70+ years of history, protocols and processes out there, observe them and become an accepted member of the community. Ignore them and take your chances.


  2. Some of us have been riding motorcycle sensor late 50s early 60s and now you got these goody two shoes that wannabe Writers come along and saying boo hoo that want to pretty up riding motorcycles I’ll get your pink panties on and quit crying and ride


  3. The problem is, even with riding clubs, you have guys that put a patch on and still run around and act like an MC, go into bars and start shit and then hide behind the whole RC guise, it’s rare that people start riding clubs without at least a few of the members acting like it’s something more, and it’s usually because they could t make it in an MC from my experience.


  4. I don’t know where you are trying to go with your story. Most of these new riding clubs are a bunch of weenie’s who like to dress like a real clubber and think their bad ass. You know the support club didn’t call the cops nor did the 0 present club, so that just leaves one of the little red riding dishes


  5. RC’s are like the Affirmative Action Act, is for the ones that can’t make it in the real world! Lower the standards and give special treatment to make them feel equal….in reality they are at the bottom of the food chain.


  6. If you are a true one percenter you don’t ask permission for anything whether you’re in a club or wearing a club or not in a club Outlaw riding is Outlaw riding 1% means make up the rules as you go


  7. Ol school ” bikers” are a dieing breed ” clubs will remain as long as there’s some form of transportation 2 or 4 wheels ‘ it’s rumors like this that give ol schooler it’s bad name ‘ try to stand back & take a good look in the mirror ya just “they just” might be surprised what they see is all this new schoolers just trying to live a rebel life style ! 🦅


  8. I still have to laugh everytime I hear “we are a club not a gang”. Lol. No pedro, if you quack like a duck you’re a duck motherfucker. Yes I was a club member and yes I even was a member of a 1% club. But I left that life because of the “gang” mentality. Telling people what they could wear, what colors they could wear, what rockers they could wear, what area they could be in, where they couldn’t have a club house, all that shit is gang mentality. I want none of it so I went independent. I will ride with others for the ride, I will do poker runs I even will ride with RCs like Mechanized Calvary ss I’m a member of the SCV. Clubs will still be around for a long time and there will be hardcore dedicated members but the time of instilling fear in the public is over. Cops will be called and your brothers will go to prison. For what? To play Billy badass? Clubs need to get back to what they had started out being. Just outsiders wanting to ride, party, take care of your brothers. Then maybe you will get the public respect back. Until then, no one gives a fuck about your patch.


  9. So you are saying that ALL Veterans M/C’s giving the rest of the bikers a bad name? Must organization’s have a protocol of type. The U.S Military has protocols for just about anything. So does the military give other branches of the a black eye.
    I have been in to M/C’s and we started the M/C’s we followed the protocol and we had no problems with the other clubs.. If can’t follow the rules) protocol then you will about from other M/C”s.


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