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Site of the execution of five Hells Angels members from a rival chapter to be turned into park


The city of Sherbrooke is using its regulatory power to freeze the zoning on land occupied by a former Hells Angels bunker to have the option of including it in a park already in the sector.

A notice to that effect was adopted by Sherbrooke city council on Monday and zoning changes are expected to  follow.

Sherbrooke Hells Angels arrive at the Lennoxville clubhouse for the 1992 World Run. Grant Simeon

The news was confirmed by city councillor Évelyne Beaudin, who thinks the wooded sector around the bunker has the potential to be transformed into a public space.

Any developer who tries to buy the land would have to deal with the possibility of an eventual zoning change. Until now, zoning regulations allowed for residential construction at the site.

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The bunker was seized by police during Operation SharQc in April 2009, an act that was confirmed last April by the Supreme Court of Canada. The bunker, located in the borough of Lennoxville, is the last of those operated by the Hells Angels in Quebec not to have been demolished.

The building was the site in 1985 of the execution of five Hells Angels members from a rival chapter.


  1. Another example of change that’s not remotely for the better.
    Club members killing their own Club members from another Chapter.
    Fuckups. Rip at least one of those Charters and take a closer look at the other.


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