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The Dark Side of Motorcycle Clubs – Yes, it does exist

By James “Hollywood” Macecari- Author of New Age of Biking & Brotherhood

All one has to do is look at the motorcycle clubs of Australia and Canada. One could be hard pressed to deny that many of the 1% clubs don’t get involved in crime. If one is honest with themselves, there are numerous examples of “Bikies,” owning million dollar homes and living the high life. To deny this is nothing short of ignorance. 

Two Mongols bikies and a female associate are charged as cops seize 3kg of cocaine, 1kg of meth and $300,000 cash

The above article is just a typical article that is printed on a weekly basis. My question is simple. How do you think some of these “Bikies” are making $300,000 dollars? Oh, I know, They are tattooing a hell of a lot of people or have some of the best motorcycle repairs shops around. Yeah, my ass! To try and explain it away is ignorant and doesn’t help anyone, especially independent bikers and other organizations who fight for biker rights. 

What’s Australia and Canada having to do with the United States Biker Scene?

One thing that really amazes me is the, “Cheerleader Mentality.” This kind of mentality is rampant from supporters and those who claim to love the lifestyle. These types of people are usually uninformed or buy into the fact no club can do wrong. One of my favorites, “the cops are responsible for setting them up.” Again, ignorance is bliss. Ignorance doesn’t make those arguments believable at all to a reasoned person. 

I’ve covered numerous stories here in the United States, the same thing that is happening in Australia and Canada is happening here. 

Federal charges are being filed against a Quitman man after a large methamphetamine seizure followed an Oct. 23 traffic stop.

17,000 in counterfeit US bills,Total drugs confiscated have an estimated value of $408,604, including $50,204 of narcotics and the $358,400 in methamphetamine. Where is the explanation? How are the cheerleaders going to explain this one away? Did the cops plant all these drugs and counterfeit bills? 

Here’s the problem with people who think clubs do no wrong. None of them understand the streets whatsoever. 

There is truly a dark side to motorcycle clubs.

 I’m often of the opinion that it’s individual members that get involved in these types of activities. It’s also true though, some clubs allow it to happen. If clubs were to clamp down on some of these members’ activities,  the motorcycle club wouldn’t have LEO all over their asses. 

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Many of those in the clubs will say, “brotherhood above everything else!” Okay, was it true brotherhood when that member brought the heat on the rest of the club? I would argue no! If those doing this kind of stuff truly believed in brotherhood they wouldn’t bring all the heat on the rest of the club. 

I get it, there are many people who only want to talk about the positives in the scene. I guess this is why we are the #DARKSIDE. I believe in the whole picture. Without the whole picture the scene comes crashing down on itself. 

Yes, drugs are slung and other hussles are pursued. Afterall, the outlaw way of life in some of these clubs were the reason why many want to join. The activities of some of the clubs in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s gave the clubs the reputation they enjoy today. To deny these facts is again, ignorant. 

What I fear the most, “the biker revolution.”

I explained this in one of my last articles. There is now an organization called, “association of law abiding bikers.” This organization is mostly made up of leo clubs, but they are actively adding other non-law enforcement clubs. Many Independent bikers are also flocking to it and carrying out their beliefs on how the club scene should be. 

I’ve said it time and time again, the scene I once knew is gone, replaced with political correctness and the lack of respect for those that came before them. The greybeards you see riding now at the age of 65 and 70 are the ones that paved the way. Those greybeards endured all kinds of hardship, especially from LEO’s treatment of them. I know it’s hard to believe, it wasn’t always cool to be a biker like it is today. 

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There was a saying from a great man, “you’re either a biker or you’re a cop, you can’t be both.” I could argue in the modern scene, “you’re either a biker or you cross the line and support Leo.” Yes, you seen it all year long, bikers supporting the blue lives matter movement. You would’ve never seen the amount of bikers you do today throwing fundraisers or standing side by side with law enforcement. What the hell happened to the “Rebel?” Well, it’s probably the actions of some of the clubs and their members who’ve turned many people away.

I’m often of the opinion that it’s individual members that get involved in these types of activities. 

I know members of clubs don’t care what others think and more power to them. Thing is, they are playing checkers when they should be playing chess. Motorcycle clubs should be fighting the propaganda war, god knows LEO is. 

The Propaganda War, a fight for the preservation of the scene as we know it. 

Yes, there is an extensive propaganda war being waged at this very moment against many motorcycle clubs. This is especially true in many areas of the United States. Shit, they are using the playbooks of Australia and Canada. Canada released a video discouraging people from buying support merchandise and going as far as saying people who do are supporting criminal organizations. 

The New Jersey Crime Commission came out a few months ago with a big hearing proclaiming the Pagan’s motorcycle club the big next threat. 

Why are clubs giving these types of people the ammunition they need to make everyone’s life hell then? Your guess is as good as mine. There have been many incidents of clubs shooting other clubs up and members beating on some poor idiot who was wearing support gear. Cops use everyone of those incidents to propagate a narrative to the general public. The general public then gets lawmakers to pass laws, not to mention pad law enforcement budgets. 

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Many observers can see the actions of clubs are bringing down the heat on everyone else. Cops are profiling bikers at a rampant rate. Cops are pulling over bikers just to find out if they are in a club. They don’t distinguish between clubs and say Abate or H.O.G . They see a patch and the cherries light up. This is a by-product of what clubs are bringing on themselves when they back someone bringing heat to the club through their independent activities. 

Again, until clubs start policing their own members, this problem with profiling will grow. At this point it’s the motorcycle clubs who’ve got to decide, is the status quo worth all the hassles because of the action of a few? Or is it time, with all this technology, to cut ties with those who would bring heat on the rest of the club? Afterall, when one of those individuals gets busted with hundreds or thousands of dollars, who do you think LEO is going to target? They are going to target people within that club who had nothing at all to do with it. 

Yes, there is darkside to the motorcycle club scene, but it’s up to the clubs to police themselves. Motorcycle clubs are fighting two wars right now. The propaganda and police profiling. Then they are fighting other bikers going to the other side, destroying the tradition we once had.. This leaves the clubs fighting a war on two fronts. As history has taught us about a war on two fronts,, it never ever ends well!


  1. God damn, Hollywood.
    Brought the thunder n lightning down from the skies with this one.


  2. Yo hollywod.. we ,ve never met but have full respect..and concider you very creditable…not afraid to tell the truth.. thats hard to find these days.. love the stuff you put out here.. no matter who gets offened the truth is the truth..and the worst truth is better than the best lie… keep rollin make it real for alot of your viewers/ readers ….respect….


  3. “ My question is simple. How do you think some of these “Bikies” are making $300,000 dollars?”
    The same way Politicians are making theirs!


  4. 2 to 3 years prospect time old school, hang with the greybeards ride yea bike learn who’s who in the zoo and have some respect for your elders head up shoulders back get off the shit and have some pride in what you are doing. Don’t need gold chains to be a bikie or biker as you would say just a bike and a backbone


  5. I’m 70. None of this bullshit would have been tolerated in the late 60’s, the 70’s and on, by anyone with a brain.
    We weren’t stupid. Not that we didn’t do anything illegal, but nobody ever touched the business of drugs that killed people or destroyed their lives.
    Nobody was dumb enough to be living in expensive places with a bunch of expensive cars. How stupid is that?
    All this shit I keep reading about here in Australia and Canada is ridiculous. These morons deserve to get busted. They’re unbelievably stupid.
    Who the fuck thought any of that was a great idea?
    Bikies. It even sounds like they have training wheels.
    Toddlers playing bikers without brains.
    Idiot, Moron, Fuckups.
    Get the fuck out.
    Your ass doesn’t deserve to wear a 1% patch.
    I’ve outlived far too many friends that gave this life everything to have you cretins be the ruination of it all.
    Get your shit together or get the fuck down the road.


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