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Motorcycle Clubs and their Criminality. From Criminal Acts to Patch Policing legitimate motorcycle clubs.

By James “Hollywood” Macecari-By James “Hollywood” Macecari- Author of New Age of Biking & Brotherhood

 I guess I hit a nerve with my last article, The biker community is refusing to bow down to Outlaw motorcycle clubs and their protocol. It seems those who wished me to fully hit motorcycle clubs in that article were disappointed. I guess they don’t like hearing all sides of the story. Well, that’s what you’re going to get when it comes to me. I’m not a cheerleader for either side. I put my thoughts out and let the chips fall where they may. 

Today I received an email I would like to share and give some of my thoughts on it. 

I read your article on how the biker community is refusing to bow down to these criminal motorcycle clubs. You sounded like you were talking out both sides of your mouth. You either believe that some of these motorcycle clubs are criminal or you don’t. I don’t buy the argument you’re pushing about how it’s individuals and not the club committing the criminal acts. You cannot tell me these criminal clubs don’t know what is going on. Why do you continue to support people and clubs that are criminals? I also wonder how you can defend these clubs who go around terrorizing law abiding people who wish to have their own clubs? Owen – California 

Don’t you feel the love? I guess I pissed on his Wheaties or something. That’s the problem I have with many people who read my opinion pieces, they come at it from a one sided angle. God forbid they come in with an open mind and look on it from a logical standpoint. 

You sounded like you were talking out both sides of your mouth. 

I’ve always found that statement funny So I give all angles of what both sides of the argument are thinking and that’s talking out both sides of my mouth? Here’s the real problem, people are not used to getting all sides of a story from the media. People only want to hear what makes their viewpoint right so they can feel better about themselves. Sorry, I don’t cater to your feelings and never will.

I take my views on a case by case basis. I don’t believe one piece of news has to do with another. So yes, my opinion changes based on the article. As it goes for clubs, I don’t look at it as a whole club doing criminal stuff. If you actually read my opinion piece or even looked at the news, you would find what I was saying was true. Most motorcycle clubs are not involved in criminality as a whole. Do I believe they should get rid of the bad apples? Yes, I do, because it would be better for them. If motorcycle clubs policed their own they wouldn’t have law enforcement all over their asses.

You either believe that some of these motorcycle clubs are criminal or you don’t.

I cannot believe the narrow mindness of that statement. Someone really must’ve kicked you in the dick or screwed your old lady for you to believe that. My question is simple. You’re one of those who believe everything law enforcement tells you are you not? I ask because evidently you don’t believe they do nothing wrong or are above lying. I suggest going over to the Morning Mayhem Radio Show and listen to the Wall of Shame. The wall of shame highlights the boys in blue doing the same type of stuff some of these motorcycle club members do. 

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Am  I naive enough not to understand entire chapters of a motorcycle club, something that is rare, is involved in criminal activity? No, I’m not naive to this fact. I also know even if an entire chapter is involved, it doesn’t make the entire club criminal. If you stepped back from your bias against clubs, you would see what I see. I know, it’s too much to ask you to do that. 

You cannot tell me these criminal clubs don’t know what is going on. Why do you continue to support people and clubs that are criminals?

Well sure, this actually goes to my argument that clubs need to police themselves. Again, I’m not naive to actually think clubs don’t know what’s happening. The clubs actually have a choice, either get rid of the garbage or have law enforcement breathing down your neck. Furthermore, they will have to put up with people like you categorizing them because of a few. Brotherhood is a sticky subject, something you obviously don’t know about. 

Brotherhood is supposed to be an unbreakable bond no matter what. This means that no matter what, you stand behind a brother. I’ve argued on numerous occasions that brotherhood isn’t true if someone is bringing the heat down on you. In other words, if someone is claiming to be your brother and does something to have cops all over the club, he’s not a true brother. That’s my personal thoughts, I don’t speak for any clubs though, what they do with that kind of situation is on them. 

Why do I continue to support clubs you consider criminal? I support the person’s right to associate with whoever he wants too. I support motorcycle club rights as a whole as should you. If you’re truly in the scene, you would know what effects motorcycle clubs affect us. It’s really not all that hard to understand. Do I support criminals? No, especially the ones who push poison onto people. If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you would know I despise anyone pushing hard drugs or illegal guns. I’ve been clear on subjects every time they come up in a news article. So again, how am I supporting criminals?

 Also wonder how you can defend these clubs who go around terrorizing law abiding people who wish to have their own clubs? 

If you’ve ever noticed, I like to break down comments so I can fully explain my answers to them. Why do I support clubs that enforce protocol onto other clubs? It’s true I support tradition, but it’s also true I believe riding clubs and motorcycle associations should have nothing to do with politics in the MC world. 

If a legitimate riding club, whose not acting like an MC wants to do their own thing, they should be able to do so. All that changes though when they put on a three piece patch. It’s at that time they become something they are not. Once they throw on that patch they enter a world that does have traditions. If you don’t want to deal with the traditions of the MC ,then don’t act or look like one.

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I’ve never really understood why people want to bitch about protocol. Yes, I believe some of the protocol has gotten ridiculous, but I also know without tradition things get messed up. I’ve talked about this many times, you get these people throwing on 3 pc patches and the next thing they do is act a fool. A club acting a fool brings the heat down on the dominant, so of course they want to know about new clubs and keep them in check. It’s really not that hard of a concept to understand.    

So what’s everyone thinking, do you believe all motorcycle clubs are criminal, or is it on an individual basis?

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  1. Never once had a private citizen say anything but “hello sir and nice to meet you”. Where all this other shit comes from is strictly on the internet.


  2. Hi. Im european and my native language its not english. Its funny for me this talk of tradition, protocol, permission. The fact is that 1% clubs didnt asked permission to anyone. They have a endless war between them. They dont tolerate each other. The Hells Angels didnt asked permission to the Outlaws, The Vagos and the Mongols didnt asked permission to the Hells Angels. 1% say they invented the wheel and that they are the owners of the wheel. But not one thing or the other is true. They didnt invented the three piece patch but they want to be a fashion police. The clubs that started this movement are not even 1%. One big example of this is the Boozefighters.


  3. I was laughing my ass off a couple of days ago after complimenting a post on Instagram of a bike.
    Whoa! Slapback with a Red & White poster about fucking rules.

    This from, after I look this Charter and their photos up… huh… got a Charter last year, there’s only about half a dozen of them, they’re dumb enough to be involved with a silly assed support club.

    You really think this is my real name?These jackasses know nothing about me.
    They’re just stupid.

    These morons using support clubs don’t deserve a Charter.

    Apparently, they’re clueless about that shit.

    Fuck ’em. What makes me angry is that these idiots bring heat not only to the Club, but to everyone.

    You have it right James. Some people just no ability to think critically and see both sides of an issue.

    It’s not that difficult. It’s right in front of your face.


  4. You hit the nail square on the head, Hollywood – if they want to be a riding club (RC), or an association, fine. They’re more a social club, riding any brand of bike, with few rules. When a group throws on a 3 piece patch and runs around acting like bad-asses, then they’re causing grief for everyone. The protocols are in place for a reason – play the game by the rules and there’s no hassles. Take it as a learning curve, and they’ll find that the road is a lot smoother and the right attitudes will gain acceptance and positive guidance. Or play the game of “We can do whatever we want” and discover that it’s awful lonely when you’re cut off from the rest of the motorcycling community – blackballed and banned from events, runs, etc.


  5. Fact is ..they 1% demand..kinda like the rules of the people they dont want..( social rules or demands) ..what im saying is they dont like are rules and we sure the fuck dont like theirs.. agree to disagree.. but 99% dont sell drugs that of crime..shoot and kill those who wont belong to us or want to belong to someone else.. fact is ..they are plain ass bully bound.. have the song goes..all my friends are dead or in jail…..”” well….not mine.””


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