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Are motorcycle clubs and bikers racist?

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari Author of New Age of Biking & Brotherhood

 You Bikers are nothing but RACIST!

One word that has been used more than any other is RACIST! If someone doesn’t agree with your viewpoint you must be racist. I’ve been hit with that allegation for months now. One thing I always do is push back on canceled culture. The Racist comments came even stronger when people would see me with a “Pecker wood” hat on. Let me be frank, I’m a proud ass white boy and won’t make any excuses for being white. Sure, there are some whites that are too chicken shit to stand up for themselves, but I’m not one of them.  

Here’s the problem with people who come into the biker scene who only want to play the part. They get a big culture shock because they are out of their normal element. Most of these people go back and forth between the regular world and ours. These people really get a taste of what’s up when they run into some hardcore white boys that ride. The white bikers I know won’t hesitate to tell you their beliefs. It’s at that point these part-time bikers get a lesson in what shit is all about. They learn pretty quick they shouldn’t be playing a part they shouldn’t be. 

The Motorcycle Set is indeed separated by races

One thing that will never change is the fact the biker scene is separated by race. You have the white set, the black set and Hispanic set. It’s true, whites and Hispanics usually accept each other into their sets. It’s also true that blacks are rarely accepted into either set, white or Hispanic. Truth be told, this is the way it has been and always will be. Is it right? Well, it all depends on your point of view now doesn’t it. 

The motorcycle scene operates almost identical as the prison system. Everyone knows the prison system is broken down by race and no amount of bitching will change it. The fact everything is broken down into race doesn’t make someone racist, it only means they like being around people of their own kind. There is plenty of interaction between the races in the biker set and anyone that tells you different is lying. 

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Separation of the races doesn’t only happen in the motorcycle club scene. It also happens within the independent scene. Shit, you have major rallies that feature black themed rally’s. So again, people need to actually understand the way things have always been. 

Cancel Culture and their ideology doesn’t mean much to bikers. 

.Cancel culture is a joke to me. Cancel culture is pushed by these white liberals who are upset they were born white. These liberals are a bunch of pussies and I’m glad they live mostly on the West and East Coast. Come on, I’ve seen some of these people bowing to people saying they are sorry for whites actions. Get the fuck out of here with that shit. First off, the blacks alive today never experienced slavery. Secondly, life owes you not a damn thing. If people choose to live like shit that’s on them. This goes for white, black and any other race. I’m sure not going to feel sorry for anyone who wants to play the poor me card. 

These liberals who are telling you through mainstream media you should apologize for stuff that happened centuries ago can go fuck themselves. I’ll never apologize for shit and I know a lot of bikers won’t either.

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I always contend that Cancel Culture is the ones who perpetuate racism. These people put out so much shit it makes people hate each other. 

Take these riots all this year. Couple dudes with extensive criminal histories died at the hands of cops, but these pricks want to blame everyone who is white and want you to submit to their ideology. Again, fuck that! Every time I see one of these black lives matter signs around I just want to go up and slap the shit out of these people. Shit, even the mention of, “all lives matters,” is racist. 

Bikers are their own breed and have their own ways of living

One thing that disgusts me is these so-called bikers fighting alongside Leo and I’ll tell you why. Leo has been giving the biker community a headache for decades. Go up to some grey beards and ask them what they had to deal with when it comes to leo. Shit, one of the main reasons clubhouses came about was because leo wouldn’t leave clubs alone. Every time a club went into a bar or was riding they would get harassed, so they decided to have a clubhouse. A clubhouse for a motorcycle club is a place they could be themselves and not worry about leo.

With this information, why the hell would bikers fight alongside cops? These kinds of support for cops have shown just how the scene really has changed. Bikers are their own breed, we are supposed to be our own deal, not this politically correct bullshit. 

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This one major bitch aside, bikers have their own ways of living and existing. If this means the sets are divided by race than so be it. It doesn’t make bikers or members of motorcycle clubs are racist for living life on their own terms. 

Bikers love supporting their communities, but this doesn’t mean we change who we are just to satisfy those in the community who think we are archaic. Screw what they think and live true to who you are. Don’t ever fall for the cancel culture, don’t let this shit change who you are and where you come from. 

Bikers prove they are racist with their Confederate Flags and Nazi Symbols

This snowflakes that cry about the Confederate flag and Nazi Symbols would’ve freaked out in the 70’s,80’s and 90’s then. These insignias were a major part of the scene and I’d argue still are. 

I’ll proudly display my flag regardless of what those fools think. The Confederate flag is considered a statement of being a “rebel” all over the world. Shit, the Rebels MC in Australia has it for their back patch and they accept blacks in the club. I bet most of you who complain about the flag didn’t know that now did you? Again, the symbol is about rebellion against the authorities, something that bikers are supposed to be about.

At one time it wasn’t cool to be a biker like nowadays. One of the reasons was because of the symbols that were used, combined with the attitudes bikers had against the outside world. Today it seems modern bikers are more into sucking societies peckers than being true to who they really are. It’s unfortunate yes, but people are snowflakes and that’s true for the majority of so-called bikers. 

It’s pretty screwed up when people cower to someone or an idea because they didn’t want to be ostracized for what they believe in. Bunch of pecker pullers in my opinion. 

What do you think, do you believe bikers are racist because the scene is separated by race? Do you believe someone should back down or fight back for what they believe in?  Let me know you thoughts in the comment section.

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  1. If you read a few of the insane throttle articles from last week with regaurds to 81 british coulumbia you will see those patch holders names sound like the should be riding carpets not im callin ‘ bullshit on the race thing..


  2. I do not care who dislikes me because of what I am….Phufk’m and Feed’m Fisheads.
    I AM WHITE and PROUD to be WHITE. 💪🏻
    White Pride World Wide.


  3. I agree 💯 it’s not a racist thing, it’s a brotherhood MC thing. A lot of MCs are fellow Vets. Thank you, hit it right on the head…


  4. Have no fear Hollywood. There are still many traditional clubs left on the set with old-school values who would never allow the “new age biker” to join.


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