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When a 1%er Motorcycle Club tries to shut u down

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When a 1%er Motorcycle Club tries to shut u down

Hollywood- I seen your last program where you read an email about someone not liking 1%ers.
I agree with him 100% and I’ll tell you why. I was apart of a motorcycle club in a small town where no 1%ers had a presence. We were well established in the community for many years until a 1% club moved in.

This 1% club tried to exert authority over us, telling us that we needed to follow their protocols. They said if we didn’t, then we needed to shut down and close up our club.

This was horseshit, the nerve of these people who were not even a part of the community trying to dictate to a club that was established for years is laughable. This is especially true since they only had 7 members.

Well, they eventually failed and their chapter shut down. We’re still here and I want to tell everyone to keep standing for what you believe in. Don’t let these people try to run rough shot over you. It’s time for other clubs to put a stop to these people. Enough is enough, if they don’t want to be called gangs then maybe they should stop acting like one.

I hope you will read this email on your show and give me your opinion. Dale- Montana

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  1. Right on dale..and thank you hollywood for putting it out there..there are a few worse things that could of my area one of the big ones showed up and told them patch in or be annihilated.. not just our town ..a large some quit and some thought it was a great idea.. that was just about twenty years ago..since then most have quit…alot are in jail ..and a bunch are dead…it was not the club atmosphere we had all enjoyed..ill let the readers put their own color to this picture …and without making much fuss i will say that 1% club..fuck up a good club and a bunch of good people.. most who were blind to facts of a 1% agenda deeeeeply regret patching in..had no idea they were about to beome pawns in a serious game of make the other guy rich while you and your family get destroyed…


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