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Going to a 1%er Motorcycle Club Party or LEMC Party

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I’m from NYC , I just watched your rant and I have to disagree with you on a lot of what you touched on.

I’m an independent, I don’t don’t support anyone, my only goal from this “lifestyle” is putting on the miles, I’m not looking for any brotherhood. But I totally get where this guy Kyle is coming from.
Cops are just people, and NYPD are in a class of their own, they don’t profile bikers here. Maybe that’s a Texas problem like you say, but I don’t live in Texas, I live in New York Fucking City.

Now let’s talk about New York City, if You want to attend a 1% function here you got 2 opinions: Angles or Pagan’s. The Angels clubhouse had a drive by last year, there’s another clubhouse 20 miles away in Newark NJ, you could go party there , but you might get beaten like a pinata at the gas pump when you leave the party. If you decide to party with the Pagan’s, someone might come by and shoot the Prez execution style, so try your best to stay out of the line of fire. It’s a war zone either way you go.

Also I think these people are cowards and punks. Look at all the crap that happened in the media in front of the 3rd street house. They get into a fist fight with a drunken 20 year old over a cone in the street, and when they get their ass whooped, they pull out a gun and shoot the kid in the stomach. And there’s the story with the food delivery guy who double parked in front of the bikes for a total of 2 minutes, they needed 2 men to attack him. This was just a working man doing his best to support his family.

I’ve never been to a Punishers party , but I’m sure I’d have a good time if I did. When I attend a party or a rally, it’s not about the destination. I get a few guys together and we spend most of the day riding, the party is just a pit stop. We do a pop in, drink 2 or 3 beers, smoke a fatty, have a burger, then get back on the road. I really don’t care what the guy working the barbecue does for a living.
You’re average independent is better off attending a LEO party then a 1% party, I don’t want to be in a war zone, or get photographed by the feds, I just want a burger and a beer.
I love the show, and I find your commentary interesting and entertaining. keep up the good work . YouTube Subscriber

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  1. An independant needs to find other independants to travel with and just do shows and rallies.. no one needs the heat that comes with the comming and goings of a club house.. 1 %…… and as far as having a fatty and a handful of beers with the LEMC ..i say good luck…. not to mention the train cops to be assholes no shitter….THEY TRAIN COPS TO BE TOTAL FUCKHEADS.. its the schooling they recieve before the shiney badge ..shiney boots.. shiney gun.. and fucking deployable electronic device they carry because they couldnt beat the shit out of their underware.. so take your chances my friend but im going to stay in my safe .trustworthy crowd and may bump into u at a ralley.. club house parties of ant kind ore off limits to me now…


  2. Nothing you said was untrue. All the big 1%er clubs have problems with some of the other 1% clubs and if you happen to live in a area that has multiple 1% clubs it can be a headache (literally). Choose wisely. Many independent riders have been beaten up over support shirts. I guess once you put on support gear you’ve chosen your side. Right or wrong that’s the way it is.


  3. You’re nuts thinking hanging out with cops, drinking & having a fatty is going to work well for you!
    Good luck.


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