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How to act at a 1%er motorcycle club party

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Ep 432 How to act at a 1%er party
I wanna know when Hollywood went from club member to reporter for the masses. What’s the story? When was your turning point? Amazing going from piston to supporter of almost every club. Should do a video on that. Dj H
How to act at a 1%er party== don’t try to act “cooler” than you are. Just be yourself. Don’t hit on any girls whether they are wearing property or not. Try to introduce yourself to members and respect voted in hang around and probates as much as a full patch member. Get permission from the person or persons that invited you if you can name drop them in case someone asks why you’re there or asks who you know. Basically dont get to drunk and don’t act like a retard! Don’t ever interrupt 2 1%ers or more that are already engaged in conversation. Remember not to take offense if you get the “cold shoulder”. Some of us like myself are more approachable than others. Main thing is to have a good time. My moto is don’t be a idiot to “new guys” or muddy the water before you give them a drink of the clean water. I’m not one to fuck with probates or “new guys” because that dude might be potentially be your brother someday. I never forget the ones who treated me like a dick(most of the dicks are no longer members) and i never forget the ones who treated me good and with respect. Some of the best and most well respected 1%ers are the “humble” ones. Listen to the “old timers” whether you agree with them or not and don’t interrupt them as they speak to you. Last thing..most people myself included take the word “Brother” very seriously so refrain from using that term. “Right on man” is much better or thanks man is a good usually safe term. These basics should work with most major 1%er clubs. Thx Hollywood. Be cool on you’re stool man. Sam 1%er


  1. Good advice. Maybe I missed it, and if it was mentioned, my apologies, don’t call a Probate or Prospect by those terms. Use their names when addressing them. Only full patched members should use the terms “Probate” or “Prospect” when addressing those men.


  2. How Bout keep your back to the wall and your eyes on the door its probably about to get kicked in ….and you are going down as an affiliate even if its your first time there and know no one…lol.. best advice i got about going to a 1% party is dont go…


  3. Coming from that life style since the early seventies, yes thats sound advise. But remember this also, if your wearing dark glasses take them off when approaching and talking with a patch. Also never extend your hand untill they put there’s out to shake yours. Oh one more thing never ever point your finger even if its at a picture on the wall, it can be taken the wrong way


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