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Social Media Motorcycle Club Protocol Channels and what they pose to the motorcycle club scene.

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

Author of New Age of Biking & Brotherhood and Iron Order- The year that changed the MC Scene. 

So, let’s piss on some wheaties shall we? Before we do, visit this website, it will give you all the information you need to know about the motorcycle club scene. Afterall, this is what everyone wants that is visiting these so-called experts on protocol. 

It’s funny, I see so many so-called people doing these channels it’s actually quite funny. Especially guys in clubs that have only been around for less than ten years. All of the sudden they are experts. Guess they didn’t get the memo, their club isn’t anything when it comes to the decades of experience the major 1% clubs have. You would never see any of those guys on the internet giving advice. No, they would tell your ass to go up to a member and ask in person. 

The Complaints by decades old established clubs

Here’s the thing, most club members won’t go on social media and air their grievances. Most will do it privately when it comes to people talking about this protocol stuff. This is especially true when it comes to everyone crying and whining about clubs getting along. I’ve heard it over and over again about how these people are nothing but a joke. 

Let’s talk about the white club scene and yes there are all kinds of subgroups, but the white set is what everyone bases their stuff on. 

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The white set has been doing their thing for over five decades and won’t change anytime soon. For those who think you will ever convince these clubs to change you’re crazy. No amount of whining and crying on the internet will change anything! If you’re not in a club what the fuck you care anyway?

It’s funny when people in mix race clubs or other sub groups try to push this view of getting along and what can everyone do to achieve it. For one, the white set could give a shit what these other sub groups think. Especially when it comes to an organization that’s been set up since the 80’s to try and achieve peace among clubs, that’s NCOM!

NCOM Is the organization that is working to further cooperation between clubs

Most people talking about clubs getting along have NO CLUE! NCOM has been doing this for decades, before NCOM it was a turkey shoot between clubs. Clubs from around the nation are a part of NCOM and work everyday to try to fight for club rights and bring some consensus between motorcycle clubs.

Why isn’t NCOM discussed by some of these creators? It’s because they have no idea about how everything works. These people are talking about what they know on a local level and have no idea of what’s going on at a National level. Again, ignorant! What’s also ignorant is people who actually believe some of the shit that is spewed by these people. Do you honestly think you’re going to do anything NCOM hasn’t done to bring clubs together? No, you’re not and if you believe you’re going to you’re a fool. 

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If you truly want to be a part of a movement to ensure better relations between clubs then support NCOM, don’t support fantasies that these people push. You’re just a naive dumbshit if you do.

The rallying call you’re all fallen for is a non starter. Again, go up to a club member who lost a close brother and ask them to get involved in your crusade, see how that works for you. There are politics beyond your comprehension happening between these clubs. Wise up is what I have to say and stop believing in a pipe dream. 

If these people want to talk protocol then talk about your specific scene

Sure, there are relations between each scene, but that’s where it ends. Whites do their thing the same as blacks and mix race clubs do theirs. If you’re in a mixed race club then focus on the mix race protocols and so on and so on. 

I hate to break it to all you “woke bikers,” there is still a big tribalism within the motorcycle club and biker lifestyle. I know clubs, major ones, that wouldn’t let a black man step in their clubhouse. I also know black clubs that would do the same by not letting a white in theirs. Mixed clubs are something entirely different, they usually stay in their own lane.

If people are going to try and teach someone, then teach them straight up! Yes, race very much has a lot to do with protocol. Problems in this new woke society, some people think they can change it. Again, not going to happen. 

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One thing I found funny is I heard the other day a guy in a mixed race club say, “if you’re not in a 1% club you don’t mean anything.” Same guy who banged on Official Support clubs. Well, Official support clubs like the Black Pistons, Red Devils and so on would tear the shit out of some of these so-called new 1%er clubs. Especially ones that go to an established dominant to ask permission to wear their diamonds. This is where things are different in the midwest at least, no one wears that diamond except the major dominant. Dominant 1% clubs who hand out permission to wear diamonds are just watering down the meaning of it. 

People wonder why guys like me and many others only consider 1% clubs to be from the old days, not these new jack 1% clubs. This is why if you’re going to talk protocol, keep it to the set you’re in, at least this will save a person a dotted eye when they walk up to say a white motorcycle club. Just saying!

So what’s everyone think of these protocol channels, do they help or hurt the motorcycle club scene? Leave your thoughts in the comment section, #ROCKON

James Hollywood Macecari
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  1. Protocal…..hmmm .like no hard drugs or your out………like every major club in the world organizing in asia…china…. Russia…. Jamaica…….mexico…….so on so forth….hmmmmm like protocal number one…dont harm children…….wtf do u think is going on out there woody… the jumpin jesus christ these new guys are braking most of the important ones….including fucking their own brothers over..selling dope and doing dope that kills our kids….and organizing every fucking color in the rainbow….ill see if you got anything worth talking about tomorrow… be kind to one another for fuck sakes


  2. You must be talking about that snoop doggy dog black guy with marbles in his mouth thats trying to sound gangsta ? Demons row


  3. God damn…..Hollywood bring down the lightning and thunder once again..on the heads of these “tough guys”…
    Thank you Hollywood for being the anchor of tradition in this ever changing world


  4. I’m not wasting my time looking at this idiot website of theirs.
    Why would anyone listen to a bunch of people young enough to be their grandchildren/great-grandchildren tell them about the 1% Club and Protocol that goes with it?
    These fucking morons would probably be calling the cops on me after I slapped them upside the head.
    Whiny little pieces of shit. WTF.


  5. Youre right about 1%er Support clubs.Some are as tough as anything else out there Man for Man.Any of you think the 1%er brand is diluted with expansion into foreign countries need to read up on the lengths some of these foreign clubs went through to be allowed to call themselves Bandidos Hells Angels Outlaws or Mongols.The U.S.never experienced the violence that went on between Bandidos and Hells Angels in Europe.Google The great Nordic Biker War.What you should do is mind your own business and represent your own club best you can


  6. “This is where things are different in the midwest at least, no one wears that diamond except the major dominant.” Better make that dominate plural Hollywood. There has to be at least 3 or 4 old dominates wearing the diamond in your home state.

    NCOM was set up to get clubs at least talking to each other. I don’t know how successful it’s been other than providing a venue for a lot of clubs to get lessons in protocol. I’ve been to NCOM conventions in Texas and Florida and at least one of the big 4 was missing in each, surprise, surprise.

    I started in the club scene in 1971 when clubs were still occupied by true rebels against society’s protocols. Now it seems as though most club members just chose to live by club protocols instead of society’s protocols. In the 70s I was never asked “who gave you permission.” We actually lived by the code “give respect, get respect.” A club could get disrespected, stand up to the disrespect, and go back to partying together, or not…


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