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Why are bikers acting like gangsters/ Mongols MC Moves into New Jersey

#BIKERNEWS #INSANETHROTTLE #MONGOLSMC Ep 443-Why are bikers acting like gangsters

Dear Hollywood I’m getting so sick of these people that call themselves bikers but are actually gangsters. What has happened to the regular biker? You always preach about how everything is evolving. Well, the evolution of the so-called biker isn’t evolving into anything good. You see these younger kinds walking around in gangster clothes, talking gangster and many are destroying the motorcycle clubs. I personally can’t see how some of these motorcycle clubs let these people in. Why would you want that kind of attention brought on you by leo? Maybe I’m old and come from a different time period, but what I see now stinks to high heaven. Thanks for all the work you put out and trying to keep it real. Dave Idaho



  1. My turn now asshole, first off you are the so-called “biker” with all your little codes of the road and Bro waves all day long. One per centers don’t claim to be bikers dumb ass. While you’re getting up in the morning putting on all your little shit to make you look more like a 1% then you spend the rest of the day bad mouthing exactly what you’re trying to look like. You don’t know shit about shit. While we’re logging down 20,000 a year, every year, you were out there riding around town on Sunday waving at all your Bro’s. Well here’s our code of the road, you say what you want about us as long as you’re in the privacy of your own air space. Bring that shit face to face and someone’s going to put a dent in your forehead.


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