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motorcyclists are misunderstood

RJ Frometa

Oftentimes, motorcyclists are misunderstood. The general public usually considers them as rebellious individuals, who do not care about the law, who easily get into trouble, who meet up in bars and get drunk and do not accept anyone from outside.

Just like in all categories, motorcyclists are different types of people. Some of them socialize strictly with other bikers, while others live normal lives, raise families, have normal jobs, and so on. It is true that certain events and motorcyclist organizations may have something to do with people’s opinions about them, but stigmatizing every biker is not correct either.

Hell’s Angels, for example, is a motorcycle organization with chapters all over the world, and the United States Department of Justice considers this club as an organized crime syndicate.

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However, as mentioned earlier, not every biker is registered in a club, and not all clubs are dealing with illegal activities.

What does it mean?

There are various questions revolving around the motorcyclist concept. Does being a biker mean riding a motorcycle of a legendary make? Does being a biker mean traveling all year in good and bad weather? Does being a biker mean meeting up only with other motorcyclists and registering in a club?

Well, the answer to all of these questions is both yes and no. Actually, there is no exact definition of what being a motorcyclist means, because it depends on each individual. Most bikers will tell you that it means to have a passion for riding and enjoying the trip.

And it is not just going from one point to another, but riding the way you like, feeling like you are merging with your motorcycle – rider and bike as one, and also stopping on the way in order to enjoy the route.

The road is full of memories, sensations, and smells. It is a place where exchanging a greeting with another fellow motorcyclist fills you with pride. It also means to defeat the difficulties posed by the route, and most importantly, to do it with your bike.

A feeling

Being a motorcyclist is a feeling. From this perspective, it escapes any reasoning, so it cannot be explained. There are a few ways in which the concept of being a biker could be explained. First of all, a motorcyclist knows to enjoy the trip. More importantly, he or she chooses to do so with his or her bike.

Furthermore, a biker is a person who has a lot of respect for his or her machine and considers it to be a faithful companion of the road. Moreover, a motorcyclist is a person with a strong feeling of attachment to other bikers who love the world of two wheels. These ideas basically sum up to explain what it means to be a motorcyclist.

In other words, a biker is not only a person who owns a motorcycle but also one who enjoys the ride and takes every opportunity he or she has to hit the road.

Being practical

If we are to think from a different perspective, a motorcycle is actually a very practical means of transportation. In large and very busy cities, more and more people have turned their backs on cars and started using two-wheeled vehicles such as motorcycles and motor scooters, in many parts of the world.

Why? Because it is much easier to move in heavy traffic, and you can always find a parking place very easily. Therefore, from this point of view, being a biker also means selecting a more practical means of transportation, arriving in places faster, while also enjoying the ride.

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Of course, if you do not have a passion for two wheels, you will probably never give up on your car.

Other reasons

As mentioned earlier, each individual is different from the other and chooses to do things for various reasons. A biker does not necessarily have to ride his or her motorcycle every day. That person might only use it on the weekends or occasionally. Each of us deals with issues distinctively and has his/her own ways of escaping routine.

When problems, stress, and other every-day life misfortunes add up, we all need to take a step back, relax, and find something to do to occupy the mind with positive thoughts in order to better handle things. Some people like fishing, others hit the gym, and there are also those who hop on their motorcycle, go for a ride and come back fresh.

Still, from this comparison, there is one thing that all definitions have in common, and that is passion – passion for the ride.


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  1. damn…motorcyclist are adventure and adrenaline loving people…..i love the feel of the wind ….i ride to get away from people and them people assume that we’re rebellious ……..ironic


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