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role of an Irishman used by Dutch police investigating Hells Angels alleged exportation of drugs to Ireland and other countries has been further revealed

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THE role of an Irishman used by Dutch police investigating Hells Angels’ alleged exportation of drugs to Ireland and other countries has been further revealed in newly released case files.

The Irishman, who retired from a UK police force in 2017, is believed to have been part of an elaborate sting operation which led to more than 20 arrests in Europe earlier this year.

In March, Dutch authorities revealed they had used civilian criminal infiltrators in an operation which led to the arrested of 22 suspects in Holland and Finland.

This was as part of an investigation into an alleged international drug trafficking gang involving members of the Hells Angels and Red Devils biker gangs.

The Irishman, who is referred to only as A-4133 in police files to protect his real identity, discussed the shipment of methamphetamines to Ireland with gang members who were under investigation.

He posed as “Irish John” purporting to working on behalf of an Irish gangs.

He worked in conjunction with a police informant and criminal known in case files as A-4110 to help Dutch cops target the alleged drugs operation.

A-4110 had a long history of involvement in crime. Since his involvement in the case he has received a new identity, €15,000 euros “tip money” and a work allowance of more than €77,000.

The operation began two years when A-4110 ran into an acquaintance in Leeuwarden Justin Schilperoord, who was a member of the Red Devils motorcycle gang and had links to the Hells Angels.

The police had been trying to target the Red Devils and Hells Angels network but struggled to infiltrate them as they used encrypted messages to communicate and strongly distrust outsiders.

However, prosecutors say Schilperoord had known A-4110 for over a decade and trusted him.

Court documents reveal that on May 17, 2018 Dutch prosecutor Kappeyne van de Coppello gave the go-ahead for A-4110 to secretly work for the police and judiciary while infiltrating the gang.

He was tasked with gaining Schilperoord’s trust through pseudo-purchases of drugs and weapons so he could gain further insight into suspected contacts between Schilperoord and executive of Hells Angels Northcoast Chapter under an operation codenamed Vidar.

As part of the operation police also brought in an Irishman who was honourably discharged from a UK police force in 2017.

He used the alias of Irish John and was referred to in police files as A-4133.

Several other suspects became targets of the operation in the Netherlands as well as an Italian national referred to as Christian M (49) who lives in Helsinki, Finland.

The targets were directly linked to the Hells Angels.

As part of the operation, drug shipment from the Netherlands to Ireland were arranged between September and December 2018.

A-4110 was deployed to make four pseudo purchases the Netherlands to Ireland drugs line.

‘Irish John’ was deployed to pose as an Irish gangster who was buying the drugs to sell on the Irish market.

Three actual drug deliveries were made to the undercover operatives in late 2018 and police say Schilperoord played a vital role in the operation.

They have recordings of him discussing the supply of amphetamines and try to encourage larger drugs shipments.

In one recorded conversation he tells Irish John that he has to purchase “more than 10kilos” and he will get a discount if he purchases over 50 kilos.

In January 2019, a suspect known as Freddy H approached A-4110 about a drugs shipment to Finland transported via Hells Angels members.

He discusses arranging “40 litres of oil” as well as “80 [kilos] hash for Norway” and “80 [kilos] speed for Finland”.

At this point Dutch police arranged for a German undercover agent known as A-2421 to become involved posing as a seller.

The German agent has a phone call with Freddy H asking for €500 per kilo and asks for a prepayment.

Freddy H tells him: “’we never work like this and never pay in advance”.

At this point Freddy H expressed doubts about the German agent and speaks to A-4110 who reassures him he is reliable and says: “If that turns out not to be the case, then I’m fucked”.

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Freddy H responded to A-4110 by telling him if that was the case he could sleep at the Hell’s Angel chapter HQ where they have a party and “those folks from Finland just come over”.

Freddy H goes on to say the Finnish biker gang member were dangerous. “They also killed the other one one day, that little one. That Italian. You are dealing with the Finnish Hells Angels here. ”After some discussion it is agreed that the Finnish drugs transport would take place on March 2 this year.

Freddy H tells A-4110 that he can get cash to arrange the shipment.

A meeting later takes place where various targets including Freddy H, Justin Schilperoord and another man known was Marco H.

At the meeting Schilperoord removes elastic bands from bundles of cash as he says they could contain DNA.

They discuss the plan to transport the drugs to Finland and the operation takes place.

However, on March 1 as 86 kilos of amphetamines are being transported out of Holland towards the German border for delivery to Finland, police move in and make a series of arrests.

They take they drugs are exchanged by investigators for a fake batch which are transported onto Finland where they are collected by a Hell’s Angels member who brings then to a warehouse.

Cops move in a raid the warehouse and find a further 9 kilos of hash, 38 kilos of explosives as well as firearms and ammunition.

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The Finnish Hells Angel member has since been sentenced to 11 years in prison as a result of the operation.

Another member of the gang has been extradited to the Netherland to be tried there along with Dutch-based alleged co-conspirators.

The case is the first time Dutch authorities have used civilian criminal infiltrators since a scandal in in 1990s when it emerged drugs imported with the knowledge of police were able to reach the market and enrich one of the infiltrators.

Civilian criminal infiltrators are individuals with links to the criminal world who is allowed to participate in criminal activity under the supervision of police and now operate under very strict guidelines including they can only be deployed if no other method of detection is possible.

The full case against those men is due to take place next autumn.

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