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Can an ex cop join a motorcycle club Hells Angels News

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Ep 466 Can an ex cop join a motorcycle club Hells Angels News

FamilyLife4211 As a cop, i do not get any info from cop blogs or cop websites. i knew a guy who works for an internet cop website and will do articles that are YEARS old and spin it to get more clicks. Those sites are so Fu*c*in* unreliable. Now i got a question for you Hollywood, since i am looking at early retirement next year (no way do i want to continue in a career that i cant fix), you think i am still banned from most MC’s? I think that is a hard “no you cant prospect or hang around”, but as we already know, the MC scene has changed dramatically over the years. Just picking your brain since you, Sose the Ghost, and Black Dragon always give good info that is straight to the point and honest. #rockon Welcome to new Throttle Member GioDaGreat2020 Michael Simmers


  1. Hey mike…why in frig would you want to flip from jack off , ticket writing,probably crooked cop to being in a club…??? They take care of people they think inform or even suspect….if you get in or even close to them you will have to be like a patatoe and have eyes pointing every where….hahaha wish you luck..will you get in?? YNOOO..


  2. Most MC’s “Just Say NO!” to leo’s, whether they be active, retired, former, ex, reserve, city, county, state, or federal. Some take it further and include jailers and corrections officers. Clubs that have leo’s among their membership are generally ostracized. There’s plenty of leo clubs – join one of them!

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  3. Of course former Leo’s can join 1% clubs, just look at one of the highest ranking 16’s, he’s a former cop. Many will take cops after they quit or retire.


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