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Biker News isn’t all just about motorcycle clubs. Biker News is about a whole lot more.

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First and foremost I want to announce that I will not be doing “America in Crisis” over on Rumble. This was going to be a political show from a bikers perspective. I’m not going to cover politics any longer. We only have one party in this country, the uniparty. Both the democrats and republicans are one in the same. I’m tired of both of them and hope the people will start waking up and taking their country back. With that said, I’m not going to waste my time or my followers time talking about the pricks. 

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So too many second points. I’ve been answering questions about motorcycle clubs from my followers in segments of Motorcycle Madhouse. I love taking the questions from all the followers first and foremost. I like to get some questions not dealing with motorcycle clubs. Sure, motorcycle clubs are a big part of the scene, but they are not the whole scene. I’d like to be able to talk about profiling issues, legislation that is affecting everyone who rides a motorcycle for example. I cover biker news, not protocol stuff. I know many people like to hear about protocol, if you want that type of information I direct you to Black Dragon. Again, there is just so much you can talk about motorcycle clubs before it just becomes repetitive. 

I will cover motorcycle clubs in the news, give my opinions

Motorcycle clubs will be covered in an opinion analysis news role. As I’ve been doing since I’ve began, biker news involves a lot of motorcycle club news happening in the mainstream media. I will continue the current show format when it comes to letting people know what’s happening in the scene. I will continue to give my opinion on the situation in the article. This is pretty hard to understand to those pecker pullers who like to say I change my opinion. I guess hooked-on phonics didn’t work for them. My opinions are truly based on the article in front of me. That’s how opinion segments work. Off of the information and events happening at that particular time. 

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I’ve said this over and over again my opinions are just that,opinions! I actually like when people disagree with me because then we can start a debate. Unlike some creators who think they know it all, especially ones who haven’t been in this scene more than five or ten years. These people who haven’t been around for any length of time are a joke. Some of the smack they talk is funny at best. People who claim to be 1%ers are the best. These so-called 1%ers don’t know just how bad it can get. These people didn’t live and ride through the hardcore times. Shit, most of their so-called 1% clubs went to a dominant for permission to start up. Those are not true 1%ers, not in my eyes anyway. Maybe it’s a regional thing who knows. 

Serious issues need to be discussed

Why devote so much time to profiling and other issues no one else is talking about? Well, your answer is right there, “no one else is talking about.” Sure, there is ABATE and the MRF as well as other rights organizations. The problem is they do not have the reach that Insane Throttle does. I want to reach out and establish relationships with some of these organizations to help get the word out on what issues affect us the most. 

I’m planning on doing a lot more interviews with people over the coming weeks. These interviews will be solely focused on topics that matter the most to all of us. Again, biker news will continue Monday-Friday 8am cst on all of our platforms. I will be posting interviews on Saturdays. I believe this is the best way to serve our listenership. 

Insane Throttle is here as an informational service to the biker community. We are not here to bash this club or that club. We are not here to give you advice on how to join a club. YOU CAN not learn that from the internet, regardless of the creators and people that claim you can. They are bullshitting you if they claim this. 

The motorcycle club scene is a complex machine with moving parts all over the place. A person on one coast cannot talk about something happening in another part of the country. They cannot even claim they are only talking in general terms because that also would be bullshit. You want to join a club, go up to a member and ask, it’s that simple. Don’t be one of those guys who is a gump being sold a bill of goods. 


In order to maintain a reputation for honest reporting, we will confirm our guests are someone who is legit and real. We’ve had people wanting to come on the show to turn it into a Jerry Springer show. This isn’t going to happen, not ever! 

I will not let those who have done interviews on the show be lessened because I put an idiot on the show. I’ve already had one idiot we invited on the show, conditioned that he could be verified as being someone who is a part of the scene. That’s the last we’ve heard from him. Dude even hid the comment I posted him informing him on this. Again, morons like that have no place on our show. 

I’ve interviewed International Presidents of motorcycle clubs, officers of motorcycle clubs, biker rights organizations and more. I won’t entertain fools who just want 15 mins of fame. 

So there you have it, Insane Throttle going forward. If you like to be a guest on the show email me at or you can call the studio phone and leave a message. 847-957-1686.

Thanks for all the support, #ROCKON

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  1. THAT, is the right direction to go. In my opinion. Not political polarization. Those fukks are on their own far as im concerned. This is the closest thing to real journalism that ive seen in doneys years. Focused, insightful and thought provoking. There IS more to being a biker than clubs. A LOT more. Thanks for being here. You are a sounding board for many folks out here on the road. Cant say i always agree with you. Cant say i always agree with most folks for that matter. Good job, James.


  2. Hey woody thanks a bunch for not only keeping some of us old folks up to speed , but letting the greenery out there knoew how fuck up their thinking is.. truely informational …truely entertaining…best to you and your crew in 2021.. stay safe..stay healthy 😎✌


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