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Law Enforcement admits to profiling motorcycle clubs

VIDEO BIKER NEWS EDITION- Morning Biker News 1-18 -2021 Edition Of Motorcycle Madhouse Morning Mayhem

EP 462 Law Enforcement Admits to Profiling Motorcycle Clubs
EPA Announces Rulemaking on Fuel Pump Labels
Today, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a “Notice of Public Rulemaking” regarding labels on E15 fuel dispensers. In the notice, the EPA proposed two potential changes to the current fuel pump labels related to E15. The first is modification of the current label and the second is removal of the label altogether.
The modified label proposal contains these possible changes:
Removing the “Attention” stripe along the upper right corner of the label.
Removing the phrase “E15” from the label, while including the language “contains up to 15% percent ethanol”.

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  1. As far as profiling bikers that the libitards are in you will only see them pull over clubs or riders that are cock-asian.. and they will lable them supremist (espesially if the have a small rebel flag or swastika on their leathers somewhere) .. the brother of the negro clubs will get a free pass.. i watched the news the other night and cant believe they think trump brainwashed these ideals into those on the steps of the white house..WTF……THATS WHY THEY ELECTED HIM…because he talked thier language ..not him teaching it to them…and the next thing they said was they have to go after ALL malitias and proud white groups or any other protesting this election..never once mentioned BLACK LIVE MATTER groups..boy oh boy not a racist or militia member nor do i think like that ..but they sure know how to make them angry..why dont they hit the bee,s nest a couple more times.. ..naw i think that profiling will only be directed towards a few …AND THATS SHOWING PREDJUDUCE…


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