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Motorcycle Community looses a giant


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Ep 463 A Bikers Freedom RIP Russ Brown Would like to welcome to the Throttle Club Two legged Terror AKA Los Angeles, CA, January 11, 2021 –(– Legendary lawyer Russ Brown, known for his ferocious advocacy on behalf of injured motorcyclists, died in his Los Angeles home with his wife, Hana and his daughter Lauren by his side on January 10, 2021. He was 86. Russ Brown, a celebrated personality in the motorcycle community all across the US, was a fierce advocate for riders for more than 40 years. To everyone in the industry, he was known as a motorcyclist first and an attorney second. His care for motorcycle riders was so ingrained in his life that he spent most Sundays at the famed Rock Store, a restaurant popular with motorcyclists and celebrities in the Santa Monica Mountains, giving out free legal advice.

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  1. We used to hang at the Rock Store WAY back, but then it started getting overrun by wannabes and posers.
    And cops & snitches.
    Ross Brown’s been running TV commercials in LA for a long time!
    I’m going to miss the shots of the Rock Store with nobody around.


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