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Domestic Extremist- Bikers and Motorcycle Club Members are ripe for domestic extremism designation

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari – Author of New Age of Biking & Brotherhood

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Title I: Enhancing domestic security against terrorism

Title I of the Patriot Act authorizes measures to enhance the ability of domestic security services to prevent terrorism. The title established a fund for counter-terrorist activities and increased funding for the Terrorist Screening Center which is administered by the FBI. The military was authorized to provide assistance in some situations that involve weapons of mass destruction when so requested by the Attorney General. The National Electronic Crime Task Force was expanded, along with the President’s authority and abilities in cases of terrorism. 

The Patriot Act was put in place after the attacks on 9-11. Everyone remembers that sad day, two planes crashed into the twin towers, one into the pentagon and another in Pennsylvania. Thousands of people died that day and a country mourned.

As with any disaster on that scale, people overreacted. In the next few weeks and months the American people sacrificed their freedom for security. That single event saw the over reaching of governmental powers of the United States government against its citizens. That over reach became what is known as the, “Patriot Act.”

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Some of the most controversial issues that came out of that act was the ability of the government to spy on it’s on citizens. Edward Snowden, a whistleblower now in Russia, released mountains of evidence this was occurring at the NSA.

What’s this Patriot Act have to do with Bikers?

Law Enforcement has been using this act against members of 1% clubs in one form or another for many years now. This past Jan protesters stormed the capital and there is now a call for authorities to go after what they perceive as, “Domestic Extremist.”

Many law enforcement agencies around the country consider 1% motorcycle clubs, “Domestic Extremist.” This was especially true after Waco/Twin Peaks. If you’ve noticed, most of the motorcycle club profiling ramped up after that incident.

What’s more concerning is some motorcycle club members are on terror threat lists. Club members and regular citizens who support motorcycle clubs, are now being added to gang lists. The Gang database, “TXGANG,” is one of the most controversial one in the United States. A person can be added to it without even knowing they are on it. A law enforcement official can add anyone they want to this list if they see fit to do so.

These gang lists have become accepted even among so called, “Libertarians.” This goes to show you how propaganda can effect all political spectrums.

Biden calls for more over reaching steps in designation of, “domestic extremism.”

President Joe Biden tasked the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to compile a “comprehensive threat assessment, coordinated with the FBI and DHS on domestic violent extremism,” adding that the analysis will come from across government and non-governmental agencies.

She also said the administration will build the National Security Council’s capability to focus on combating domestic extremism.

“As a part of this the NSC will undertake a policy review effort to determine how the government can share information better about this threat, support efforts to prevent radicalization, disrupt violent extremist networks and more,” Psaki said. 1-23-2021

It seems every chance the government gets to fuck you, they will. Democrats and China Joe are using the attack on the capital to ratchet up attacks on everyone’s freedom. This is evident on the ramped up efforts of the big tech giants to silence thousands of people from their platforms. Hell, they’ve even went after their competitors to get them off line.

“It’s good they are going after these terrorist Hollywood!” If you’re saying that your nothing but an ignorant sheep.

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Since this pandemic has started the mainstream media has been attacking bikers every chance they could get. The media attacked bikers going to Sturgis, saying they were super spreaders of the virus. Remind you, they were attacking you personally, not only motorcycle clubs.

Anyone who doesn’t agree with the socialist left is going to be targeted. This targeting will only get worse during this asterisk presidency. People are already being trained how to push the line. Creators on all the big tech platforms have to conform to the new normal, or risk getting booted off the platform. This is one of the reasons why Insane Throttle Biker News has been opening up on alt-tech platforms. We now have a presence on Odysee (where every Tues at 4pmcst I release a video not PC.) We are also on Bitchute and Discord. Discord is our own server where people can talk freely without censorship.

To the deniers- Go pound your peckers

For those who don’t believe that bikers are being targeted, “wake up!” When the National Guard was deployed to Washington, they actually were checking into their ties with certain organizations. One of the organizations on their list were the Patriot Guard Riders.

Yes, the son of a bitches went after the Patriot Guard Riders! Everyone who is in the biker scene knows how much they help our veterans. The PGR leads funerals and makes sure families are left alone by those sick ass protesters.

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If the Patriot Guard Riders are now being looked into for extremist ties, what the hell you think they will do with you or I ? No one is safe if you have the opposite view then these socialist.

Wake up people! The next four years are going to be some tough ones. What you will see the next four years will be extreme governmental overreach. More and more of your freedoms will be stripped away, all in the name of security. For all those who voted for these people, I don’t feel sorry for you in the least when they come for your freedoms. It deserves you right for voting for them. One thing they depend on is low information voters, and that’s one thing you people are.

What’s your thoughts on the incoming threats to your freedoms? Leave your thoughts in the comment section!!

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  1. Damn, this was playing on my mind, but I decided “just being paranoid” and forgot about it. You get the Good, Bad and Ugly with bikers but the majority are alpha males, patriots, smart, love Liberty (particularly the ones who done time and won’t go back) and don’t take kindly to shit. That’s the point – Liberty. They (including Christian clubs, multi-racial clubs ,even LEO clubs) are gonna be labelled as “Racist, misogynistic, violent thugs” leading up to “Domestic terrorists” with no proof whatsoever. Thnx Hollywood for spelling it out. Just ‘cos someones paranoid don’t mean theyre wrong. Rock On!


  2. I cant believe that the people who elected this fresh government cant see how hateful and discriminatory they are… let me type slow so some of them can get it… ..they are the ones being offencive…they are the ones promoting hate…they are the one on attack mode…. ..i dont even live in the usa a third party view… ..oh just one last question.. does anyone know why jow biden has been in politics for over 50 years and never thrown a touch down????? Glad he,s your quarterback and not mine ..


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