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You get what you deserve. Stop crying about the choices you made.

By James “Hollywood” Macecari- Author of New Age of Biking & Brotherhood

The snow is coming down real hard right now and as I look at it out the studio window all I can think about is, “wtf are people crying about?” You couldn’t imagine how many people I know who are Union workers are pissed about losing their jobs on the pipeline. I’m like, “you dumb bastards backed the dude, no crying about it now.”

This actually goes to a bigger problem within the biker scene. People make fucked up choices and turn around and cry when things don’t go their way. For example, someone joining a motorcycle club and later on gets caught up in shit. What do some of these people do? They turn on the club and so-called brothers to save their own asses.

You wanted in the game so play it right

A rat is the lowest form of life. A rat actually feeds on someone else’s misery. These people want to play in the arena but want to do it on their terms. There is no, “biker code,” the only code is self preservation. I talk about this extensively in my up coming book, “Brotherhood & Betrayal.”

You want to know what a recurring theme is on the net? The recurring theme comes from independents who talk about motorcycle clubs and how individuals are hypocrites. In some instances I have to agree with them.

Some independents can spot the hypocrisy right away. This is especially true when a member acts all tough. Here’s a scenario for you all. A member of a motorcycle club loves showing their ass to everyone around them. Some of them give others hell about not following the proper, “protocol.” Protocol can be starting a motorcycle club or how to handle yourself at an event. Well, someone who doesn’t know any better screws up, next thing you know one of these guys are all over them.

It’s easy to act like a badass when you outnumber someone, it’s another when you’re by yourself. This is one of the major sticking points to a lot of people who don’t support MC’s. If you can’t be a man and solve a problem without the help of others, how can you actually call yourself a man?

I regress, so let me move on to the example. You have the tough guy, next thing you know he’s brought up on charges and facing some time. What’s that tough guy do? He decides to rat on the people he called brothers. It’s funny, what happened to that tough guy who was giving people shit all the time while wearing a patch?

Self Preservation

One thing I hope to convey in my new book, self preservation is a human trait. There is never a concern for a group, just that of oneself. This trait alone is why I don’t believe true brotherhood exists. Self preservation doesn’t only pertain to motorcycle clubs or bikers in general. Self preservation happens in every day life no matter if it’s in a job environment or social environment.

In the context of this article we will talk about self preservation as it pertains to clubs an bikers. A club gets into a bar fight and a person is killed. The cops are going to charge the whole group with either murder or aiding and abetting. Do you honestly believe everyone will keep their mouths shut? Hell no they won’t, at least one is going to break down and give the cops what they want. Again, self preservation, the patch and brotherhood doesn’t mean anything to them. Going to prison is a daunting thought, losing freedom and family isn’t truly worth it anymore to the person who flips.

Let’s look at another organization besides a motorcycle club. Militia’s and 3 percenters are all the rage. Militias are going to be everyone’s savior against big government. Yeah right, these militias are infiltrated left and right by the feds. So what happens when someone is planning to do something? That’s easy, they turn informant and bring the whole thing down. I guess the thought of being labeled a domestic terrorist and prison time, wasn’t worth the idea of protecting the rights you claim to believe in. Again, self preservation!

How to protect against betrayal

If you’re in a club, for every three members at least one is an informant. I don’t care how tough they are, or how much they profess brotherhood and loyalty, one of those will turn out to be an informant. If you use that ideology, you will always be a step ahead of everyone else. Always keep in the back of your mind when you’re about to do something, one of those people will flip on you. It’s better to do something on your own because when pressed, someone will fold.

Look at the example in the case of the 69er’s motorcycle club. Members of the 69er’s murdered an Outlaw in Florida, during the trial all involved started blaming the other. There was no loyalty, only betrayal and cowards. Again, people are tough until the piper comes calling, then they jump right into self preservation mode.

I often catch shit because I don’t believe in brotherhood right away. It takes years and years for me to consider anyone a brother. That’s why you will hear me use, “homer,” when talking to someone. I don’t believe in using the word, “brother!” I didn’t even use the word when I was in the club scene.

You get what you deserve. Stop crying about the choices you made.

Bringing everything back around. If you make a choice, be a man and accept the consequences. Be smart, be vigilant and by god stop taking people down with you. If you want to play the game then accept what comes from that decision.

What do you all think? How long does it take you to call someone brother? Leave your comments and get the discussion going.

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