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A former Hells Angels has opened up about the stabbing death of his teenage brother in a warning about the dark side of the gangster lifestyle.

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A former Hells Angels bikie has opened up about the stabbing death of his teenage brother in a warning about the dark side of the gangster lifestyle.

Heavily-tattooed Ben ‘Notorious’ Geppert warned gangs have ruined his life in an emotional video for the Queensland government’s OMCG Exit program.  

The video is part of a series that aims to send a warning to bikies and wannabe gangsters to avoid or leave a life of crime before its too late.

The video begins with Geppert, a convicted criminal who has made headlines in the last few years for airing his feuds with other bikies on social media, opening up about being bullied at school for being small. 

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‘I lost a lot of confidence, and then that turned me to the person I’ve become,’ he said. 

I always hated the world and hated people, so I wanted to rebel.’

Ben’s mother Lisa Geppert said everything changed for Ben when he witnessed his father collapse while having a heart attack.

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While his father recuperated, Ben said he had to step up and work for the family business, and entered a life of crime after having arguments with family members. 

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  1. This story is kind of a waste. It doesn’t say anything about what happened to the brother! The title of the story gives you the idea that it’s actually going to talk about what happened to the brother and to the biker as a result of his brothers death.


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