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Very first formal interview ever with feared Mongol MC Member

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Ben O’Shea

The West Australian will tomorrow publish the very first formal interview Troy Mercanti has ever given to the media, and the journalist who ventured into the headquarters of the feared Mongols bikie club to get it said his personal safety was something that was always “on your mind”.

Chief reporter Ben Harvey has spent years reporting on Mercanti and WA’s bikie clubs and said journalists never know how underworld figures will react to what is written about them.

“I suspect that when I’m lying in bed at night and I hear a Harley-Davidson go up the street I might have cause to hide behind my better half and use her as protection but it’s not something that’s going to absolutely have me wake up with cold sweats,” he said.

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Speaking to The West Live today, Harvey also revealed how he broke through the bikie code of silence to secure the interview with Mercanti, and what he saw when he gained unprecedented access to the Mongols’ inner sanctum.

Listen to the incredible story behind one of the interviews of the year above and pick up your copy of Saturday’s The West Australian as Ben Harvey takes you inside the WA headquarters of one of world’s most feared bikie gangs.

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