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White Motorcycle Clubs and Bikers- Are they racist because they are white and don’t want to include nonwhites?

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari – Author of New Age of Biking and Brotherhood

First off, thanks for all the support and sharing of the new radio station, everyone of you are awesome. Today I wanted to do a quick opinion piece and hopefully get a debate going, especially since everyone in the media is bashing on whites.

This is an issue that really doesn’t upset me, I’m a proud ass peckerwood and nothing anyone throws at me will make me ashamed of my heritage or skin color. I was born a white boy and will die a white boy, regardless of what these politically correct morons try to push.

The new game is to shame white people

Liberal ass elites on both of the coasts are trying to get white people to be ashamed of themselves, don’t fall for it. I know it’s hard to be a proud ass white boy in this environment but don’t give the pricks the satisfaction.

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It’s not only liberal idiots on the left pulling this shit, we have it going on in the biker scene as well. I cannot count how many times I’ve been called a racist for standing up for what I believe in. Being called a racist is an every day occurrence now, something I really just laugh at.

So why do people call me a racist?

It’s pretty simple actually, I’m called a racist because I’m unashamed of who I am. I’m called a racist because I stick to old ideas, believe in what’s been passed down generation to generation. Some people ask what I believe in, I believe that people are people, regardless of color. What I also believe in is people have the right to hang with people they want to hang with.

There are the white sets, black sets, Hispanic and mix race sets. I believe in only hanging around the white set and there is nothing racist about that choice. I feel more at home with the white set than I do with any other, but this doesn’t mean I’m going to look at someone who is not white in disgust or some shit. I treat every man as a man, unless it’s time not to treat them like a man.

Mixed race clubs

I personally have no issues with what they do or who they accept in their ranks. I believe personally in a code that’s been around on the streets forever, stay within your own race. If you ever go to jail or prison you will know what I’m talking about, for me that just extends to the outside world.

Do people have issues with mix race clubs? The answer is yes, people who are in white clubs do and its also looked down on in the black set by some clubs. Just because some people look down on it doesn’t mean they are racist, it just means they like to stick with their own.

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In the Midwest there are tons of clubs that will not let a mix club or black club in the clubhouse, many of the times it’s because of bylaws that were established decades ago.

One of the biggest things that bites my ass, people have no common sense whatsoever when it comes to this type of stuff. Society’s bullshit has entered into a lifestyle that has been rebellious to the core, meaning people lived life according to their own beliefs. Now you have these judgmental pricks going around playing the race card if they don’t like what you say. Again, that’s life though, if you fall for it then you’re the fool.

I will always say, “be proud of who you are, fuck what everyone else thinks.” Too many people give up what they believe in when pressured by the masses, especially now in the internet age. Don’t let fantasy play into your reality when it comes to the internet, ignore all that shit and be you.

Motorcycle clubs are segregated

It’s very true, motorcycle clubs are segregated, this is because they feel more comfortable with their own people. The segregation of motorcycle clubs has been going on since their formations, nothing the news media is putting out will ever change that.

To them white motorcycle clubs are filled with nothing but racist, don’t ever buy into that shit. It’s about time people start pushing back on this race card crap, stand up and be heard. If you let these people continue to make you feel ashamed about yourself for being white, something is sure the hell wrong with you, not everyone else.

So what it your thoughts on the media narrative that white clubs are filled with nothing but racists? Get in the discussion, post this article on your social media pages and watch all the haters you get!


  1. I literally learned nothing from this. Why not just keep it to yourself. You don’t have to justify your segregationist attitude to me. lol


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