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Why do motorcycle clubs fight each other

This segment we will try to answer the question many people have- Why do motorcycle clubs fight each other. There has been conflicts among all the major 1% clubs including, Hells Angels MC Mongols MC Bandidos MC Outlaws MC and Pagans MC. What drives this conflict generation after generation?

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  1. The fighting is some cases is because the purpose of club and brotherhood has basically changed definition. Most members don’t even act like the word brotherhood exists. I’ve been around the block plenty and most seem to have hate and discuss for a club they left or got booted from. And ic even seen first had simple unproven rumors and accusations without any proof or logic gets a guy put out. Its almost like outlaws mc and black pistons act more like high-school girls in this respect. So are what rhe should be and will lay down their life for a brother and go above and beyond. Those are the ones that end up not sticking around. Then these people who were their for the brotherhood and the meaning of that life are the ones who get fucked over. Jealousy over new members getting attention or being successful in other aspects of life creates a rift too. All members that have been around for a quarter century or more see this and usually aren’t given the real truth so they done even know how the new members who go home and watch twilight and mean girls are just drama qweens at heart. It is killing America’s greatest cultural export!!!


  2. oh and out bad used to be reserved for members shooting up or embarrassing the club. Not because of high-school drama. Or for being what a true brother is. No their are 2 kinds of out bad maybe 3. The one who deserved it the ones due to teenage drama and the ones that the term doesn’t apply but rhe club isn’t knowledgeable enough to know that


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