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Prospect for the Hells Angels gang, was responsible for murder of girlfriend

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Mother-of-two Jasmine Wilson, 30, died in Wellington hospital after being dropped off at Whanganui hospital – badly beaten, dehydrated and barely conscious – in late July 2019.

Crown lawyer Chris Wilkinson-Smith said the accused Zane Paora Wallace, who was a prospect for the Hells Angels gang, was responsible.

“He gave her one last and ultimately fatal beating.

“That was the culmination of nine months of violence and threats of violence administered by Zane Wallace to Jasmine and he had told Jasmine over and over again that he wanted to kill her, that he wanted to do terribly violent things to her.”

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Wilkinson-Smith said the jury would hear a number of recorded conversations between Wilson and Wallace from when he was in prison.

“He makes the comment ‘I’m going to kicking your [expletive] head in when I get out’… and he’s telling her that she better be the best girlfriend or she’ll be dead.”

“There’s probably about 12 or 13 hours of calls. Those calls are going to be really significant because I think they are the best insight we have into the relationship, in their own words.”

He also said Wilson kept a diary which detailed the abuse.

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“She goes into quite chilling detail.”

The jury was told Wallace was jealous and easily angered.

Wilkinson-Smith said Wilson had tried to leave the relationship, had stayed with friends in the past who had noticed her injuries, but in the final weeks before the fatal attack was going out less and appeared to be trying to make a home with Wallace who was on house arrest.

“When there is activity it’s getting things delivered to the flat or her making calls to arrange things but less and less she’s going out.

“Jasmine seems very happy and excited about two young puppies that she’s going to look after in what she hopes will be a home she’s trying to make with Zane Wallace.”

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