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Law enforcement motorcycle club in trouble

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NAPLES, Fla. – The Florida Highway Patrol is warning people to drive safe and not distracted after a man was caught on camera riding a motorcycle north on I-75 from Naples without holding on to the handlebars. 

Troopers said the video, which was filmed by a person in another vehicle also driving on I-75 also caused concern. They said drivers should drive holding on to the wheel or handlebars of their vehicle and should not drive distracted. 

The man captured on video is a former police officer. He is also a member of the Punishers Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club in Collier County, according to club officials.

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  1. Big deal!!Coming back from Sturgis I set the cruise control on my Harley kicked back and rode 43 miles no hands.Bike was Rock steady at 80 mph and switching lanes or passing vehicles only took a slight lean to the left or right.Yeah yeah go and tell me how dangerous it was but Ive got 300,000 miles since my last wreck and am used to 1,000 mile days.I ride almost every day in every kind of weather


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