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Man sentenced for murder claimed to be a member of the Outlaw Motorcycle Club

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Traci L. Miller

ANDERSON — Although Jordan Zirkle has not taken the stand in his trial, jurors on Friday were able to listen to an emotional and frightened sounding Zirkle during his recorded police interview.

Zirkle, 33, is charged with two counts of Level 1 felony aiding, inducing or causing murder in the July 29, 2018, shooting of Trinity Parker, 39, and the Aug. 6, 2018, shooting of David L. Phillips II, 36.

Daniel Jones admitted to killing both Parker and Phillips in 2020.

Authorities and co-defendants in the case say Zirkle was present during the murders. Deputy prosecutors say Zirkle aided Jones during the killings.

Brittney Vontress-Cox, Taylor Wheeler and David Roberts are also charged as co-defendants in the fatal shootings of Parker and Phillips.

Zirkle’s police interview was played for jurors two days after David Roberts testified that he became scared of Daniel Jones during a car ride with the two men.

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