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Iron Legacy Motorcycle Club Knock Offs The new Culture Vultures

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Have you ever wondered how it took some of the major 1% clubs decades to expand and how new clubs do it right away? Look no further than the internet! Iron Legacy, led by Lollipop perfected this method of growing. Now, other pop up clubs use it as well, even so-called 1% clubs. Funny thing about these new jack 1% clubs is they openly accept law enforcement. Heck, some of these new jack 1% clubs started with cops and rice rockets lol. I guess all things change nowadays!

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  1. I bet if they had internet in the 60’s+ they too would have used it as a method of contact for people to use to reach out to establish the process of expansion.

    What your main gripe it sounds like is the actual expansion itself consisting of “here is a patch, sink or swim and we don’t care who you are just make yourselves a presence on social media”.


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