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The Sons of Hip Hop Motorcycle Club

The Sons of Hip Hop Motorcycle Club- The new trend of biker and motorcycle club member in their 20’s. What is a hip hop biker and how would you spot them in the crowd? WOW! Truly a #SADSTATEOFAFFAIRS in the biker scene.

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  1. I’m 61 and seen lots of changes through the years concerning the club scene. I’ve been riding 43 years. Bought my first Harley Davidson on my 18th birthday. Brand new 1978 Super Glide. I could go on about my experience and experiences. Wouldn’t mean a thing to most. What I do know is this country has been at war for 20 years. Which equates to 20 years of combat veterans returning home after seeing their comrades die right in front of them. Also, it means the ones returning have PROBABLY done their share of killing. Just like the vets that came home after all the previous wars. These guys won’t be told what they can or cannot do. Judge them and talk all the crap you want to about how they’re different or whatever it is you think is wierd. In the end we’re just living in a time where the guard is changing. Personally I don’t have a problem with it. They’ve earned the right to do it differently if that’s what they choose. I’m sure the greasers didn’t like it when the Vietnam vets came home and wore their hair different than they did. The only constant in life is CHANGE!!! I toast the young men that carry the torch into the future. It’s a screwed up world they have to deal with. I’m just gonna ride off into the sunset for how many years GOD allows me.


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