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In yet another blow to the Pagans Motorcycle Club, the group’s national president pleaded guilty to a gun charge

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In yet another blow to the Pagans Motorcycle Club, the group’s national president pleaded guilty on Wednesday to a gun charge that could lock him in federal prison for up to a decade.

Keith “Conan” Richter, 62, of Bay Shore, New York, admitted by videoconference to a federal judge in Newark that authorities found his loaded 45-caliber Ruger pistol in a secret compartment during a February traffic stop in Mercer County, according to a statement from acting U.S. Attorney Rachael Honig. 

As a convicted felon, Richter is prohibited from possessing firearms — he previously served 16 years for conspiracy to commit murder and aggravated assault in aid of racketeering, Honig said.

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Besides the potential prison sentence, Richter faces a fine of up to $250,000. He will be sentenced Dec. 31. 

James Froccaro, Richter’s New York attorney, declined to comment when he was reached by phone Wednesday afternoon. 

Richter’s arrest is part of a federal legal assault on the outlaw motorcycle gang, which has seen 11 of its members arrested during the past year.

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  1. Fuck that sucks! Conan really had a vision and brought them in a great new direction. That bottom east coast rocker kicks ass too!
    Can’t believe the driver of the car didn’t pony up for the gun to protect the boss. What’s up with that?


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