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A word from the devil himself – Here is what it’s all about Fools

A word from the devil himself 

Many times I’ve found the biker niche becoming an up and coming platform which is about time. There are now all kinds of creators getting into biker entertainment which I find awesome. The more creators we get into biker entertainment the better! Here’s the problem I’ve been finding with this particular niche.

Those that are watching biker content need to understand that most of it is entertainment. Sure, there are some content creators that are very informative and educational, but those are few far and between. This is especially true when it comes to motorcycle clubs. Motorcycle clubs are a very popular topic within the biker niche, naturally this being the case you will have creators capitalize on the topic. You have creators that make their entire platform about motorcycle club protocol, power to them I say. It’s their business and they will have to decide how they want to present it.

I only consider and recommend a few creators in that niche true to their convictions. Dibber in the Wind for everything UK and Europe, Black Dragon and Wildon2s for 99%. Finally the big one is 1% topics. For that topic I would recommend Shaggys Corner MC Life as well as Big Bone 1%er who has a podcast. The creators I just named are a part of storied motorcycle clubs that have been around for many decades. These creators didn’t get a patch from a club that recruited on the internet. 

There are creators that claim to have credentials giving MC advice, but those credentials are from clubs that were formed and recruited over the internet and not recognized as legit by the MC Community as a whole. My advice, go to one of the above creators who truly have the experience within the scene if you want education on the subject of MC Clubs. 

Insane Throttle Devil
Pissing people off since the beginning of time- Check out the Insane Throttle YouTube Channel NOW!!

Insane Throttle is wholly an entertainment platform and opinion based content. Biker News, however uncomfortable for clubs, is intended for people to get their news from bikers and not just MSM. It’s been comical when other so-called experts try to attack Insane Throttle because they feel we are bashing clubs all the time. For one we will always say, “Don’t be in the news if you don’t want to be on the show.” Secondly, being an entertainment platform and taking our lead from the Shock Jock era, these idiot creators doing that will never win. Why? Because we will hit them back even harder and make them look like fools. We use those attacks as an opportunity to make it even more entertaining for our subscribers. For those that don’t understand that will continue to be made a fool for the entertainment of our subscribers and myself. 

Our subscribers mean everything to us. One thing you can know is we are not here to push merchandise on you or pull your  pecker for donations or dues. We are here to give you the best entertainment possible. We have a lineup of shows for everyone’s taste. Scooter Tramp TV, our newest platform is based on the Independent Biker Lifestyle. The Morning Hoot with Chinadoll is non biker related and is a comedy deal. Our very popular podcast Motorcycle Madhouse is on all the major podcasting platforms and finally Insane Voltage Radio. Insane Voltage Radio is 24/7 commercial free rock n roll from the 80’s to today.. 

So to recap- Make sure you understand the difference between entertainment and education. If you’re looking for education, follow those that actually have been around and with actual credentials. You will save yourself a ton of headaches trust me. 

Scooter Tramp TV.

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