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Reaction to LIL Daves Interview


  1. I listened to the whole interview with LIL DAVE on AMERICAN CHOLO. Very interesting stuff. No matter what paper work Lil Dave has, showing the alphabet boys paid assholes who’ll say anything the alphabet boys want to hear..just to save their own ass. He does say a lot in that interview about the club he supposedly loves. AIRING DIRTY LAUNDRY in public. As you know Hollywood, the public in general , can really care less what happens to him. He is a no good biker, that is part of a ( as the public think’s and the alphabet boys keep stating) MOTORCYCLE GANG who supposedly never does any good..which is BS.. I do believe he got a shit deal from others in the club. It happens in ALL clubs. POWER TRIP, JEALOUSY, whatever. But even if he got railroaded, he STILL AIRED CLUB BUSINESS IN PUBLIC. like you say,, IN MY HUMBLE OPINION… HAVE A GREAT DAY,,


  2. I listen to the interview and I wasn’t impressed on what Lil Dave had to say. Like the person who wrote the commentary say, probably he haven’t been retaliate against because of the Mongols suspicion that he is collaborating with the authorities and be protected by them accordingly. During his 13 tenure as a P of the organization he had stepped on many toes inside and outside the MC world because of his greediness and ego, but the lieying at lack honesty is what bother me. For a president not knowing of his club’s finances or of his membership been cooperating with the government it is kind of far fetch to me. Like any organization with a board of directors, finances are check on a weekly meeting, membership is also discussed too. For Dave to said that he doesn’t know those details it is outrageous.


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