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Sin City Diciples MC Motorcycle Club or Motorcycle Gang. Thoughts on Lil Dave

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  1. Aren’t you one of them SHOW ME THE PAPER WORK kinda guys ??? My earlier comment , about one of Little Dave’s interview on AC, was he was a boss and could get any paper work he wanted. Plus have it show whatever he wanted it to show. Modern tech. So in reality some paperwork don’t mean shit.. I also stated that NO MATTER WHAT HE “LITTLE DAVE” HAD DONE, don’t mean much because he PUT IT OUT TO THE PUBLIC. Club business is club business. Another negative is HE JUST WANT’S to clear his name . The JOHN Q. PUBLIC can care less about him an most other clubs/gangs. All LITTLE DAVE DID was blow smoke up a lot of peoples ass. Club business out in public ?? OUT BAD they say..


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