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A pack of bikers that rumbled into Richmond over were up to nothing but good.

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A pack of bikers that rumbled into Richmond over the weekend were up to nothing but good.

The Knyte Ryderz, an all-female motorcycle club based out of Baypoint, stopped by the Bay Area Girls Club at 260 Broadway on Saturday to deliver a donation of $1,050 to the organization that serve local girls.

It’s certainly not their first visit to the center. The Knyte Riderz have enjoyed a 10-year partnership with the Bay Area Girls Club centered on providing young girls in the community with mentorship and opportunity.

“We are a strong committed sisterhood dedicated to empowering women riders while extending our hands to lift up our teenage girls and escort them into adulthood,” said Champaigne Ellison, the founder and club president.

The Knyte Riders have participated in such activities as sleepovers at the club where they introduce girls to professionals who have been successful in their careers. In October, the biker group took girls to a Princess Brunch and Spa Day at Huckleberry Restaurant in Fairfield, a trip that included a visit to the Jelly Belly Factory. During the winter holiday, the Knyte Riders also stop by Children’s Hospital in Oakland to give gifts and holiday cheer, an event called “The Mega Toy Run.” The bikers will bring a u-haul truck packed with Christmas gifts and conference tables to put them to offer children at the hospital.

Tiffany Harris, executive director of the Bay Area Girls Club, lauds the Knyte Riders as “simply awesome.”

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“They teach empowerment and having good self-esteem to our young ladies here and mentor them on how to become prepared for when they enter into adulthood,” Harris said.

Bay Area Girls Club members Laura Khuu 16, Leonille-Zoe Panga 16 and Jennifer Filbin 17 attended Saturday’s presentation of the $1,050 donation.

“This very exciting and I am so glad to see how this donation will help our program here, Khuu said. 

“We are so grateful to have this partnership with the Knyte Ryderz and all of the love they pour on the girls,” Harris added.

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