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Hey Motorcycle Club Members- Here’s the facts- Let’s get real !

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged on this website. I usually I save it for biker news but I feel it’s time to mix it up with some opinions and editorial content.

The title of this article probably has you scratching your head. I’m taking the time to explain how things work in regards to some of the policies that Insane Throttle has. One of those policies is we don’t interview or feature members of clubs without their clubs permission. Insane Throttle has agreements with many of the major clubs. Those agreements specify that we will go to them and clear any of the guest we might have on the show if they’re a part of their club.

I know this is a hard concept for many people to understand. Why do we do this? We do it because that’s the right thing to do. No organization should be represented by a member who doesn’t have permission to speak on the clubs behalf. You will see some creators, influencers & podcasters who are in clubs which is cool. Here’s the issue, some of these clubs don’t know they are involved in shows. When someone puts out their club affiliation people think they are speaking on behalf of their clubs and this is rarely the case. Basically what they are doing is trying to bring validation to what they are doing. They are using their clubs name in order to bring them follwers and subscribers , plain and simple.

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Here’s the problem with this and why we verify with the clubs when contacted by a member. If we want an official response from the club we will go straight to them. Other creators though will take anyone on their shows who comes to them. It’s at this point it can cause problems for the clubs, especially if they’re in a legal situation. When a club is in a legal situation you don’t need people who are members voicing opinions on the internet. When someone is perceived to be speaking on behalf of the club anything they say can be used against the club.

People are ignorant of what the costs to a club really is when they speak. For example, I was asked to debate people who were in a club. Before I accepted the debate I went to certain clubs to find out if it was alright per our agreement. Come to find out they didn’t know their people were on these podcasts doing this stuff. One of the clubs are involved in a major federal case. Anything in that debate could harm the clubs legal standing. This is where the ignorance comes in. People were pissed because this is what we had to do. One creator said it was snitching to the club. That’s the issue though, these people have no ideal that we have these agreements in place. Insane Throttle only deals with the top officers of a club. This is because we want to make sure that the clubs official response is being represented. Most of those people you see on podcasts, youtube are just regular members if that.

Insane Throttle is a media publication company. We follow different rules than most these other creators. It’s hard for them to wrap their heads around it because they have no experience in this business. Anyone can start a podcast or YouTube Channel, but knowing what happens in the background is very important. This is especially true when dealing with motorcycle clubs.

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Here’s a story for you. I was contacted by a motorcycle club here in the midwest. It was more or less to vent because they saw someone doing a podcast and YouTube videos that they knew. It rubbed them the wrong way because he was talking about club stuff when he himself dropped out of the prospect period after only a few months. More into the conversation it was said after he dropped out he went to one of their support clubs and only lasted a short time there as well. I saw the point but told them this is what happens all the time on the internet.

There are so many people talking about motorcycle clubs and their versions on how it’s supposed to be. The problem you will run into with most of these people they’ve had no time in the club scene. Worse yet is people who never made it through prospect and try to give advice. There are tons of these people who do this shit. God damn do we hear it all the time from the clubs.

I get all the time people asking my experience in this scene. One thing I’ve always made sure of is never to use the club name to further my business. It was only recently I’ve decided to address this one more time. Here’s the video and it tells the story of whom I’ve been with and my experience. I’ve been an Enforcer and Vice President for one club and an Enforcer for a 1% motorcycle club. All my club stuff is verifiable if you’re in the game. I laugh at it when these morons claim, “you don’t know what you’re talking about.” No, I just don’t use my former clubs to validate what I’m doing cupcakes. It’s a foreign concept nowadays, but in my time you never used your club like they are being used now. These dumbfucks saying this kind of shit are really the ones that don’t know their shit. If they knew what they were talking about, they would know this is the protocol for most clubs, when it comes to the media.

Another misconception about us is we’re in the bag for clubs. This is far from the truth, very far. We are not the cheerleaders like many others are for clubs. We intend on giving both sides of the story. We’re not here to push conspiracy stories about how clubs get fucked every time they’re in the news. You want that you can go somewhere else, they’re plenty of those morons out there. No, we try to be well rounded and not take one side or another. This bugs a lot of people but that’s how it’s supposed to be, present the information and let the readers decide.

Finally, debating on Insane Throttle is encouraged in the comment sections. One thing we won’t do is debate some low level podcaster or YouTuber. You want numbers build your brand plain and simple, we won’t do it for you. If we do debate you or tell your story you have to be an officer sanctioned by the club you’re in. Furthermore we won’t debate people who really don’t have experience in the club scene if that’s what the debate is about. It’s a waste of our time and resources to be honest.

Be on the lookout for more opinion and editorial pieces right here on this website. Don’t forget to visit all of our platforms and give us a follow. Come Join the Throttle Militia– Get access to members only rides!! #ROCKON


  1. You’re correct.
    Nobody has the right to speak for their Club without permission from Club Leadership.
    Doing so is an absolute violation of every legitimate Clubs Rules, causes disorder and damage. It can’t be tolerated for the Club to continue to exist.
    Those who’ve either been former prospects, hangarounds and associates in any way need to think carefully before divulging information and grievances be they real or imagined.
    Nothing good can come from this, only harm and bad feelings all around with potential legal harm as mentioned in the article as well.
    Anyone looking for that result should have never been near any Club or expect to keep any friends anywhere.
    Every Club used to be based upon Loyalty, Respect, Trust, Integrity and Honor.
    Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be the situation anymore.
    Few of those people are still living today and we’re looking at the current group as a bunch of pathetic babies who are more than willing to discard everything that lifestyle was based upon and designed to represent.
    You’ve thrown it in the trash along with everything else. You can’t hold your shit together, much less your Clubs Chapter. You’re an embarrassment to yourself, your Club and everyone who’s ever been in a Club or a Known Associate for that matter. At least every one of them “Held Their Own Mud” if you have any concept of what that means, although it’s doubtful.
    So yes, and hell yes I agree with James on this. Keep your mouth closed.
    This may very well be the last thing I say here because I’m dying now too.
    At least I never told a fucking lie, never snitched, kept everyones secrets since childhood and still have my loyalty, respect, trust, integrity, honor and am holding my own mud until the end.
    You’re a bunch of weak little motherfuckers that don’t deserve that patch so many others worked and died for.
    Either step up and live by the time honored traditions that are there for damned good reasons or get out.
    At least shut up and quit whining.


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