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I’m here to be me and voice my opinion on things that matter to me in life. Life is not an easy thing and everyone has their highs and their lows. Being on Biker Wives brought out the lows in my life and it was not good for my mental health. I need to be me and do what’s best for me. I can’t keep living in the past. The MC world is not who I am and not what I’m about. I want to live my life to it’s fullest and continuing to rehash the past was causing me to relive things I never thought I would have to go through again. I want to put my past in the past and move forward to the future. If anyone has questions I will not hesitate to answer them. Doesn’t matter what the question is.


  1. You are amazing for this!!!! Thank you for posting this!!!! You have no idea the effect you are going to have on women in the culture!!!! So much respect and love for you for saying everything you said!!!


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