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Wiretaps are powerful investigative tools that enable law-enforcement agencies to tap into private communications, but only in limited circumstances under strict judicial oversight.
It’s just such tools that authorities employed for close to a year to gather evidence in hopes of ensnaring Pagans Motorcycle Club President Deric “Tuna” McGuire and dozens of his associates in a sweeping investigation into drug dealing and firearms crimes in 2018.
But whether the state police had the legal authority to intercept communications from a dozen phone numbers that investigators believed to be linked to criminal activity by McGuire and others proved central Wednesday to arguments before the state Supreme Court.


  1. APMD,
    The pagans are a bunch of ratts n lil boys who pay $600 n dont prospect their members to get cuts..n they wonder why they get busted all the time..n they call themselves americans while they run hand in hand w cartel members…id like to pike em all at the border…for now..ill just take em down as i come across em…kill em all..bums


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