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Homietos MC Involved with Confrontation With Bandidos MC

MADISONVILLE, Texas (KBTX) – Madisonville police say three members of the Homietos motorcycle gang were arrested Saturday after shooting across Interstate 45 at members of another gang. Police believe the rival gang members belonged to the Bandidos MC.

Madisonville police officers first responded to a shots fired call just before 2 p.m. on Saturday at a gas station in the 3000 block of E. Main in Madisonville. They say witnesses saw seven members of the Homietos gangs “exchange words” with another group, then leave the gas station followed by a black four-door car.

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02:31 Harley Davidson celebrates Milwaukee Day 414

06:26 Women sues motorcycle club for not having enough security at party

09:00 Homietos MC Involved with Confrontation With Bandidos MC

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  1. Damn shame. It’s getting to the point where every start up club is an original and a 1%er these days. Everyone’s rocking a diamond. It sure doesn’t hold the esteem it once did back in the day.


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