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Nearly 200 bikers with five local motorcycle clubs rallied together to show support for National Child Abuse Prevention Awareness month

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WELLSBORO, P.A. (WENY) — Nearly 200 bikers with five local motorcycle clubs in Tioga County, Pennsylvania, rallied together to show support for National Child Abuse Prevention Awareness month during “Bring the Thunder.” 

Dozens of people took part in a prevention awareness walk an hour before the rally began. Hundreds came for the “Bring the Thunder” rally that followed. Organizer Robin Adams wanted to spread positive messages to the community and advocate for children’s safety. 

“They’re coming to bring the thunder and raise awareness and hopefully send a very clear message that hundreds of people really care about child abuse victims and… if we all work together and we can get the local support, we can do a great job serving this kid right here at home,” she said.  

Adams adopted her son, Asa Sean Adams, who was a victim of child abuse. Seven years ago, after the adoption process, she decided she wanted to do more for children. 

“He was diagnosed with neonatal abstinence syndrome…he had by poly-substance exposed in utero…primarily to heroin” she said. “I began thinking, shortly after the adoption was finalized, about the other children in my community.” 

 Now, Adams is the CEO of her company I’mPACT, a nonprofit with programs that center around children that have been negatively affected and abused. She wanted to “bring the thunder” and make some noise to bring attention to child abuse this month. 

“You can take a very defeated and sad seven-year-old and make them shine when you have a handful even…let alone a couple hundred motorcycles behind them,” she said.  


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