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Guess what, you don’t need a penis to ride a bike.

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Michelle Chamberlain has been riding motorbikes for almost 10 years, but she still gets people asking if her vehicle is her boyfriend’s.

But it was she who got him into biking – not the other way around.

Michelle, 31, said: ‘I know I am a bit of a unicorn in the biking community and yes it is rare to see a tiny lady on a Harley Davidson.

‘I get a lot of comments such as “is that your boyfriend’s bike?”

‘But guess what, you don’t need a penis to ride a bike.

‘It is insulting when people assume you can’t ride because you’re a woman.

‘My partner has a bike too, I got him involved, which is why it’s annoying when men assume I ride on the back of his bike – he passed his test six years after me.’

Petite Michelle is 5ft 4 inches tall, and leaves men shocked when she reveals the bike is hers.

Michelle, from Swansea, South Wales, loves to share her passion for two wheels online but has received sexual comments, sugar daddy offers, marriage proposals and even explicit images.

The insurance worker passed her test nearly a decade ago in tribute to her late stepfather and points out that, yes, even ‘pretty girls’ who get their hair and nails done can ride motorbikes.

She said: ‘If you want to wear all black and blend in with the men, that’s fine, but the more women that stand out and “look” like women, the more likely people will notice that and think “Yes! That is a woman riding her own motorcycle.”‘

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  1. I ride to and am 4’11” small framed. My husband doesn’t ride at all and I get the same comments. Many women are riding more and it’s great to see more on the road through the years. It doesn’t matter where we work, if single or married or where we live, etc. We just love to ride. I’m 68 now. Still have 3 Harleys. Still ride.


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