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Federal regulators have accused Harley-Davidson and Westinghouse of imposing illegal warranty terms on customers and ordered them to fix their warranties and ensure that their dealers compete fairly with independent repair-makers.
The companies have imposed illegal warranty terms that voided customer warranties if they used anyone other than the companies and their authorized dealers to get parts or repairs — restricting their options and costing them more money, the Federal Trade Commission announced Thursday in actions against the Milwaukee motorcycle maker and MWE Investments, which makes Westinghouse-brand outdoor power generators and related equipment.
Under a proposed consent agreement with the agency, the companies will be prohibited from telling customers that their warranties will be voided if they use third-party services or parts, or that they should only use branded parts or authorized service providers.

00:00 Intro
01:07 My personal experience with an extended warranty from Harley-Davidson
02:55 FTC Harley-Davidson engaged in illegal practice regarding warranties
05:50 Harley Davidson imposed illegal conditions
07:17 Harley Davidson goal was to put independent shops out of business
08:41 The Right to Repair policy
11:26 I have a bad taste in my mouth for Harley Davidson

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  1. Gave up on Harley-Davidson and their junk years ago. They’re actually UN American as China!!! Their junk isn’t even made in the United States. Do your research and you’ll realize what I did. Polaris, who is the parent company for Indian, has their parts 99% manufactured in the United States. Not a hater, just a realist.


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