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Staff Sgt. Lindsey Houghton, of the anti-gang Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit, says there are now about 30 of the support or “puppet” clubs in B.C., compared to 10 chapters of the Hells Angels.

“There’s been four or five new ones pop up in the Lower Mainland in the last year,” he said. “The farm team system for the HAs is very alive and well.”

00:00 Intro – Motorcycle Featured Belongs to Tattoo Chris

02:05 Multiple Motorcycles in accident during fundraiser

02:45 Harsher penalties needed for reckless driving

05:47 Motorcycle Club rallies for this?

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  1. Well. It’s a bad thing that drivers in there cars get away Scott free when they drive drunk or wreckless driving.
    They don’t care if they hit somebody on two wheels, three wheels, and four wheels. Or on foot crossing the street.
    And my heart goes out to the family killed in their van by a wreckless driver. This and Heaven too.
    And the press and everyone else should stop giving riding clubs a bad name. It’s all about riding for them. Going from point A to point B. And having a good time.
    And it’s nice to see this all women’s motorcycle club, The Trend Setters, along with other clubs and independent riders take a stand against gun violence.
    And that’s about it.


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