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The National Highway Safety Administration states that motorcycles make up 3% of registered vehicles in the United States, but represent 14% of traffic fatalities. Mike Ball, a well-known figure in the motorcycle community, was almost included in the number of traffic fatalities when he was in a horrifying motorcycle accident that altered his life. He continues to ride in spite of losing a limb.

At 25 years old, Mike Ball was involved in a near-fatal collision that dismembered his left leg. On the afternoon of March 6, 2021, in Huntington Beach, California, Ball was headed toward Indianapolis Street when a driver made a left turn from the opposite side of the street, hitting Ball.

00:00 John Taylors Motorcycle Featured Yamaha 1200cc Custom Built Bobber

03:32 I get there is always going to be haters

04:39 The Story of Mike Ball

07:03 Mike Ball looses his left leg

08:39 The Good Samaritan that saved Mike Ball

10:25 A Father Responds to his sons life change

12:32 The guy behind all the hate

15:13 More coming out on the Motorcycle Club Bar Shootout with Avengers MC

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  1. I don’t know Mike Ball, but I have to say that he is someone special. I don’t know too many people that would pull thur what he has. I don’t care if you in a motorcycle club or not he is a person. If anybody can’t get behind that they are the worst kind of person there is they are lower then dirt. My hat off to you Mike keep up all your hard work. Keep on riding. Annette


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