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1700 Member Motorcycle Club Banned!

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A group of male “rockers” has been banned by Germany’s interior ministry over its links to violence and organised crime.

Police raided 50 addresses on Tuesday morning connected to the group of rockers – a subculture of leather-clad bikers and others who often flout the law – which is believed to have about 1,700 members.

The group, United Tribuns, was founded in the south-western German town of Villingen-Schwenningen in 2004 by Bosnian-born former boxer Armin Ćulum and by its own admission counts among its members – referred to as the brotherhood – bouncers, martial artists and weightlifters.

The group has become well known for its violent collisions with rival groups. Violent acts were not only tolerated by leaders and other members, they were actively encouraged and even rewarded. Members were given sew-on patches in recognition that they had carried out offences in the name and the interests of United Tribuns.

Alongside the group Black Jackets, which is also closely linked to the rocker scene, United Tribuns became one of the most powerful gangs in Germany.


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