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Highway shooting that injured members of the rival Vagos Motorcycle Club last Hells Angel Member Arrested

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The last of eight men recently indicted in a Hells Angels racketeering case was booked Monday into the Clark County Detention Center in connection with a highway shooting that injured members of the rival Vagos Motorcycle Club.

Rayann Mollasgo, 41, is an associate of the motorcycle group, also called a “hangaround,” according to a September grand jury indictment. He was booked into the detention center on Monday and is currently held on a $250,000 bail, jail records show.

Officials now have all eight co-defendants in the racketeering case since the grand jury returned a superseding indictment on Sept. 23. Three of the men — local Hells Angels president Richard Devries, 67; Russell Smith, 27; and Stephen Alo, 46 — were initially arrested shortly after the May 29 shooting on U.S. Highway 95, west of Wagon Wheel Drive in Henderson.


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  1. Honestly, I thought Mooch did a good job. I grew up supporting the dominant club in my area. But, because of my time working for HD and travelling, I met a lot of solid MFers that were in “rival” clubs. That’s one of the main reasons I didn’t try for a patch… I never saw the point in making enemies out of people I would have been cool with if it wasn’t for their patch. People that would probably be wearing a different patch if they were raised in a different area. Not trying to simplify the complexities of club life. I have the utmost respect for those that put in the work and made the sacrifices to earn their patch. It’s something most men could never do. It just sucks to see such good people destroy each other when they’re literally fighting for the same thing.


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