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After years of relative peace, Chicago’s infamous Outlaws Motorcycle Club once again is at war with a rival group, according to cops and bikers.

This time, they say, it’s with the Mongol Nation Motorcycle Club, which has been making an incursion into the Outlaws’ Chicago turf.

01:16 The Chicago Sun Times Integrity isn’t that good
02:50 Trying to capitalize on the past
03:48 The one that is tying to represent bikers in the story
05:47 What they are saying this incident is about
07:44 The Dry Snitching LIL Dave has been doing
09:06 Why we no longer want to cover this stuff
10:41 All clubs have been wanting to put the violence behind them


  1. Mexican morons! I rember when and still might patch in guys with no motorcycles or experiance riding what so ever They got no HONOR!


  2. Son’s of Anarchy is the weapon and main stream media is the perpetrator. Not saying it was hard to watch but if you were raised in the biker / Convict life style you know exactly what I getting at. Before Harley Davidson could say Milwaukee Eight everybody and their sisters uncles brothers husband was scootin around on sled. Once that happened good’ol California had to make it safe for these fuck knuckles so they locked up all the good solid LEADERS (Pres , VP, STG. Arm) and their next in commands. So now there is this power vacuum by the big clubs. If you ride you know who they are, to expand concor. So they patch over a bunch of dudes who talk the talk and ride the glide during high tide but can’t seem to keep their gums from bumpin when the Johnny Law tries to pin somethin’ on’em. There is lot of blood sweat and salty tear in wearing a three piece Cut (colors, club vest, armor, ect.) For a long time you had to be approved to sport a top & bottom rocker with a center piece. Now they’re a fashion statement. HS me rethinking my design a father daughter club I want to create so dad’s who would give their lives for their baby girl(s) could share a bond not of just blood but the love of the open road and the freedom of just being. My baby girl is only 17 and she want a scooter (Street Glide to be exact) when she graduates the coming June. Trust and believe she knows the rulez. The 1%er rulez and those other ones. I’m not a 1%er but I do live by a code so if you see me on the highway hurry the f@#k up or get the f@#k our of my way. Highway Heathenz (Dadz) & Iron Maidens (Daughterz)


  3. So it’s always about race isn’t it?
    Haters are always gonna hate! Lmao 🤣

    Idiot! Won’t say anything to anyone’s face though. Just on here. Internet badass. 😆


  4. Always some White Moron that feels tough with a phone 😆
    Gotta make it about race.
    Can’t cut as a biker so gotta be tough on here lol.!


  5. Old school mfs . We all know what time it is. The new generation don’t know shit. We used to earn our patches and all outlaw bikers know what I am talking about. Myself AFFA, but MFFM, Or our other so call rival wearing red and white Outlaws,respect respect respect. Live on


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